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Today we enter into the realm of movement and vibration.

Nothing in the Universe sits still. Everything is in a constant state of motion.

The Ancient Hermetics referred to this as The Principle of Vibration!

According to the early Alchemists and now also to modern science, there is no such thing as matter. Everything that we understand as solid and unmoving has been proven to be a collection of molecules vibrating at a very slow, dense rate.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The Kybalion

This Principle provides the framework of our Universe, demonstrating how all movement occurs. It allows us the insight into how emotion is more powerful than thought; how thought is more powerful than the physical reality.

In understanding such a thing, we have the ability to move above dis-ease. We can actively create our reality by shifting the vibration from which we operate.

The ancient teachings on Vibration state that not only is everything in constant motion, but that what we perceive as differences between the various manifestations are attributed only to their varying rate of vibration. It also states that even God or THE ALL is in a state of constant vibration.

The thing that makes God “unknowable” to us is that the vibrationary rate  is so intense and rapid that it may be practically considered at rest. This is something that can be displayed even on the physical plane by a rapidly moving object (such as a revolving wheel), which seems to be at rest.

How do we make use of this understanding for our own empowerment?

Not only is our world made of an energetic vibration, but we also have the ability to make changes to the vibration.

When we begin to shift our understanding that everything comprising our world is pure vibration, we enter into the realm of immense self empowerment. As easily as we can turn ice into hot water, we can shift hatred into love! Remember, if something is possible on one level, it is possible on ALL levels. What stands true for the physical in being able to change temperature, also stands true for mental in shifting thoughts and emotional in shifting what we feel.

Our thoughts have a particular rate of vibration, as do our emotions. Feeling anger or hatred drains our energy and makes us feel unwell. This is a breeding ground for dis-ease. Making the choice to think aggressive or angry thoughts does the same thing.

In a world rife with low vibrational thoughts and emotions, making the choice to stand boldly in a higher vibration is an act of revolution! So the question begs, how do we do such a thing?

The early Hermetic Masters understood that the keys to their ultimate empowerment stood in their ability to choose the vibration they exhibited. They would ride the pendulum until the hit the point they desired, and then they would step off it. By rising above the swing, they could stay firmly anchored in whatever state they chose.

This simple action – choosing what vibration to exhibit, has the power to create either world of love and abundance, or one of anger and greed.

We’ve spent enough time dwelling in low vibration!

Such a thing is now considered the “old world”. A world firmly anchored in mistrust and competition. A world of hoarding for some and lack for others. There is a definitive need for people to become healers of the vibration. This would entail doing the work required to choose and hold a particular state of vibration – in this case that of love and abundance.

Such “healers of vibration” would come to understand that the first step in giving love the the planet is in giving it to the self. When upset, anger, discontent or any other low vibrational thought or emotion rears its head, making the choice to stand firmly in self love rather than judgement or denial.

THIS is where it all begins!

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