As it stands, there is a REAL problem in the Coaching Industry.

Let’s face it, the term “Life Coaching” is almost as loaded with stigma these days as the word “Amway”, and here’s why:

Too many people started to get involved in a boom industry several years back because they were:

1. Sick of their current job
2. Seeing a way to make decent money without much effort
3. Dreaming of Motivational Speaking, book deals etc.
4. Thinking of an inspiring life as a jet-setter.

*****Enter the REALITY CHECK*****

The field became easily available, unregulated and filled with so many “damaged healers”; and all for the wrong reasons.

The 10% of the industry that was actually succeeding in the role were doing so because they were passionate about helping people live better lives. The 90% that were not, were (and continue) spreading toxic BS, watering down a beautiful calling and creating the current stigma, all because of the misguided dream of making easy money.

*****Enter HUG YOUR CHAOS*****

It is our mission to not only provide dedicated, empowered and HEART FOCUSED healing solutions to those that want and need it, but to actually burn down and completely rebuild the entire Coaching industry!

We have MASSIVE goals and will not stop until we’ve achieved them.

Do you want to know why?

Because THIS is OUR passion! 

Because of this passion, we have started to develop the Hug Your Chaos Institute. An online academy that focuses on QUALITY Coach training, available to those called to the healing path AFTER having done your own inner work. There is a massive hole in the current standard of Coach Education, and we have made it our own personal mission to step up and fill that hole.

The Healers need healing. Coaching needs a guiding light…

Hug Your Chaos IS that guiding light!

For further information on Coach training, reach out to us at [email protected]