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It’s our home… every single one of us!

No one here is an import or alien from another planet that we are actually aware of.

What I mean by that is this: Not a single one of us has had an intergalactic passport stamped upon entry to this world after traveling across space from another world.

We are ALL living here by right of birth!

So what does that actually mean and more to the point, what’s the point I’m trying to make?

  1. Do you know that we are the only species that believes we have to PAY to live here?
  2. We somehow started believing that there needs to be a hierarchy here where some have all and others have none!

Point one:

Every single other species that we share this rock with live in a natural symbiotic balance within their ecosystem. They all seem to have an inherent, unspoken awareness that permits them to understand how to live in balance. They manage and maintain their resources and more to the point, they don’t set up strip malls and charge each other for food!

Yes, this is super simplistic. No, I’m not daft enough to think that life in the animal kingdom is all peachy. Living the way that we do, I am a lot closer to the natural ecosystems of the wild world than most.

Here’s the thing: Food is actually free. It grows in the wild and we have the ability to pick it and eat it. You know what’s NOT free? Transport and packaging of grown food (from now on referred to purely as “food”). Manufacture of boxed, packaged and non-grown food (from now on referred to purely as “shit”).

Where the problems arise

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with people paying for the convenience of others harvesting their food, (or their shit) packaging it, transporting it and putting it into one convenient location. I also don’t have a problem with people choosing comfort over the elements, and safety over uncertainty.

Where my problem arises is when people that have chosen to live in a particular way tell me I cannot live in the way I want to because it doesn’t feed their system. The problems arise when a select few that have been chosen to govern the rest of us tell people like me that I cannot collect rain water in order to cultivate the food I’m growing.

Just like every single other person, I was born here on this planet. I didn’t migrate from somewhere else because of preferable conditions here. This means I ultimately have choices: On how I dedicate my time, what I choose to eat, how I obtain said food, how I make use of water. These are choices that we ALL have.

The issue is, we have been raised to believe that we are in competition with one another.

So what happens is this: Someone moves into a nice house overlooking some pristine wilderness. They have their comfort and peace, their security and serenity. Then another person wants the same. Development begins. The original people don’t want what they have to be changed so they take measures that prevent the development.

Thus begins the race towards exclusivity. Ultimately, it seems to be in our nature to want something that others can’t or don’t have! Or is it???

Point two:

Some of us believe that we have the right to have more than others. Some of us actually believe that in this great big, abundant world we live in, that some people have to be poor so that we can have more!

This is absolutely atrocious and believe me, I’m not saying this because I’m poor and want more than what I currently have. I live in abundance and am happy and content with my life. My point is that there is enough on this Earth for EVERYONE to live in a state of abundance. What there is NOT enough for is when someone believes they are somehow entitled to more than others and hoard the resources meant for many.

Am I talking about Socialism or Communism? No! I’m talking about basic human values. Of course I will be branded Socialist or Communist because this is how the elite brainwash the masses and ensure they get to keep their stockpile of wealth. Anyone that speaks openly of fair and equal distribution of the planets resources is branded a word that we have been programmed to fear.

Fear divides us and as long as we are in a state of division, we are easily conquered. Wonder how the elite 1% are actually the ruling class?

Here’s what NEEDS to happen:

There is a way for us to distribute things amongst all of us. We do in fact have the power to make significant changes, even changes to things being currently held in place by the ruling elite.

The world is currently run by Governments that are ruled by major corporations. As such, this is how we would go about changing the power.
As a race, we would make a decision to stop buying from a particular company. Boycott one company at a time. We still consume of course, because there are still people who would choose to live within the system. But we choose who to send broke. If even a majority of people all decided to stop buying fuel from Shell petroleum for example, Shell is badly hurt. Once a company is unable to continue in the market, we then choose another company and do the same.
Eventually, the remaining companies will start to respond to the demands of the people with the same fear that the people currently react to the companies. We have the power to tell them how to operate. The beautiful thing about this approach is it is 100% LEGAL! They cannot force us to use their product.

The exact same thing happens with financial companies. People stop using a particular bank. Everyone draws their money and goes somewhere else. That bank goes broke.
As with everything, there are complications that will arise from such an action, but because we are living in a world where most people are lazy and such a thing will only ever be a theoretical model, the issues don’t matter. They can be addressed once there is a coalition of people ready to start such a cause.

People want leadership

Here’s the reality check. Most people in this world want someone to tell them what to do! Don’t agree with me? If you’re having any kind of reaction to my last statement, you’re probably one of them! Unfortunately, the ruling elite know this too. They don’t really feel threatened because they know that the masses will keep buying their shit and are generally too lazy or too scared to do anything about it.

I personally am done with the shit. I want to see this place change for the better. Yes, I believe that we can and should do much better by and for one another. We should stop playing the game that THEY dictate and start living the way that WE want! I want the Utopian world that is possible if we start caring for and believing in each other, instead of the competition, fear based, profit driven and hoarding bullshit that we carry on with right now.


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