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There is a rustling in the trees…

A change on the wind and anyone honest with themselves can feel it.

Most of us are actively anticipating what’s coming, but the reality is we are in dire need of some guidance in how to accept and embrace it.

The Feminine is Rising!

This in itself is a beautiful and much needed event. It is also currently unbalanced.

There is a general belief that the suppression of the Divine Feminine has been coming from the Masculine. Although it has certainly been a male dominated history on our planet, the problem with this mindset is in what it is doing to the balance of the Divine and the Sacred.

In reality,we have two profound energies, the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine both being suppressed by a third; an elite patriarchy of power hungry people intent on global domination.

Although by its very nature the patriarchy displays aggressive male energy, it is as far from the Sacred Masculine as the desert is from the ocean. One of the factors that many of us fail to see is that there are also unbalanced, aggressive females embracing the patriarchal way in order to keep abreast of the control of power. The energy of the “elite” sits beyond gender. It is comprised of both men AND women that have fallen from understanding of what Divine and Sacred truly are.

The patriarchy is not defined by gender!

Try to imagine for a second that there has always been a Divine Feminine energy. There has always been Goddess and nature worship. Even in suppression, we have always had a presence of the Divine Feminine on the planet. Such a thing has been expressed across the ages in the love a Mother has for her new born child. Both female and male children have the love of their Mother and are exposed to the Divine Feminine through her.

However, as men we have never felt the touch of the Sacred Masculine. We have never known what it feels like to stand in the presence of such an energy. We have ALL been loved by the Mother and know how this feels, yet the rising Sacred Masculine does not have a Father Figure.

As boys, we were raised by Fathers that had never felt themselves what it meant to be Sacred.

We all knew the love of the Mother. Yet male energy has always been deeply unbalanced; we have always been expected to stand a particular way, to withhold emotion, to be strong and fierce. The man with the bigger muscles has always been more dominant. This has progressed in the modern day to the person with the most money is more dominant. THIS is the patriarchy!

The Divine Feminine is rising and the Sacred Masculine has NOT done the work necessary to rise at the same time.

It seems to be largely forgotten that the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine MUST rise together! This is the double helix of the DNA of humanity. It is NOT time for the rise of femininity… it is time for the rise of the Sacred Twin, together!

If the Divine Feminine rises without the Sacred Masculine, we lose balance again!

Men! We are now at a stage where we MUST learn the nature of our own truth from within our Divinity. The Feminine gives birth to the Masculine and we must remember the love of the Mother to become Sacred.

For the first time in history, we must globally embrace the wisdom of our Elders. Wisdom that has spoken a great reverence for the Divine Mother. The time has come for us to bring into our households and teach our boys how to be more than just men. We need to start teaching ourselves how to be Sacred Masculine Warriors.

What does this look like?

A Sacred Masculine Warrior is a blend of various Archtypes:

He is a fierce Warrior, a noble King, a wise Sage, a loving Priest, a compassionate and connected Lover. He owns his own shit and embraces his path with a full heart. Understanding completely that effective communication is one of the keys to life mastery and involves an equal amount of active listening.

He isn’t afraid of his shadow and works tirelessly in recreating himself.

He recognizes that the Divine Feminine is not just his Mother, but the other aspect of his very soul. There is no desire in him to stand unless he has created the space for her to rise beside him. Every breath he takes is consciously taken in the pursuit of his own perfection; a gift that he cultivates so as to freely give his Divine counterpart.

Ultimately, he KNOWS that the Divine Feminine cannot rise in a state of balance without him, yet he knows that she is not to wait for him or lift him up anymore. He knows that it is his responsibility to ensure that he has done the necessary work within himself to rise beside her!

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Kathryn · June 3, 2017 at 8:34 pm

This is an interesting article. I know that it creates an opportunity for further dialogue. You are correct that the Feminine Principal could not wait any longer to assume her own balance. In the manifestation of that balance is the completion also of the process of total surrender of mind , body and Soul to the Truth purpose of what she is here for. In order for “the rub”to occur to promote the Sacred Masculine to be aware that there is the necessity of the Male energy on the planet to change vibrationally, there has to a need created for that to occur. Hence, the sense that the Divine Feminine has “moved on” without him in order for the Sacred of Man to recognize what is absent in the space, for which they need to rise up and claim. Therefore manifesting the potential of what is the Nature and nurture that is required in all Fathers, Sons And Brothers can occur.

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