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People are fickle creations.

Quiet observation reveals there is a sense that we are so deeply unaware of who and what we are.

How many times are you walking through a crowded mall and hear someone say “ugh, look at this crowd” all without the realization that they themselves are contributing to the crowd!

We trade the lasting and the meaningful for instant gratification; often meaningless so and so’s!

Would you like to know where the ‘not quite right’ sensation in the pit of your stomach comes from? That horrible little seed that grows and grows until you either turn to drugs and alcohol, have a breakdown or end up dead from cancer!

It is there because when you yell at someone whilst stuck in traffic, your heart KNOWS that YOU are also traffic! Our mind cannot bridge the gap of disconnection from one another… In fact, it’s role is to deliberately not do so. Our mind and ego are tools for navigating the world and yet, we have allowed them to become master and commander of our lives.

This unfortunately creates a powerful disconnect from one another, the world and from our own selves. Let’s be clear here: We haven’t made the choice! The mind and ego rule because we don’t make a choice to be firm with them. This is just the same as an unruly dog or child in need of discipline. We are not even refusing to make a choice…

There is just a lack of awareness that we even have a choice!

As long as we continue to run in a state of unaware disconnection, we will NEVER have the keys to open our own eyes!

Here’s the thing: There’s nothing wrong with being disconnected!


There is NOTHING WRONG with being disconnected, as long as we allow ourselves the understanding that we are such. So how do we go about understanding such a thing? We surrender to the wisdom of our heart, which takes the ego out from the drivers seat, puts it back into the toolkit and places the toolkit in the trunk where it belongs!

The ego wants nothing more than to keep us blissfully unaware of our choices. Specifically the choice that we CAN wake up and recognize our disconnection. Imagine a world where people are able to openly state “I KNOW that I’m disconnected from you and for right now, that’s OK!”

But to state such a thing would require a commitment to ourselves and our own internal work. It asks for a dedication to our progress as a person of love! Right now, it’s so much easier to say “Love and Light” to everyone we meet, all the while yelling at traffic because we’re late for a meeting!

It’s normal to yell at traffic when we’re late right?

Well, if you’re content with your disconnection. You ARE traffic remember? If you have made the choice to become aware, and stand in a knowing acceptance of the disconnection. Where we are is where we are and that’s OK! It’s actually beautiful. IF we recognize it, accept it and embrace it. You see, there’s nothing wrong with anything, as long as where we stand flows with what’s in our heart!

“It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.”

Mahatma Gandhi

But to be openly content with something, we must first be aware of it, and here’s the kicker: The “Love and Lights” and “Namastes” that we utter as proof of our connection (all the while yelling at traffic and judging others) are preventing us from exploring our own disconnection. We are already connected right? There’s no work to be done on that front! Our Yoga practice and Kombucha are proof of our connection to the web of life because disconnected people don’t do Yoga or drink Kombucha right?

There are people I know that fight bare knuckled in illegal underground fighting rings with more connection than some Yoga Instructors I know. It’s not about judgement and has nothing to do with the actions themselves.

Our connection grows when our actions become congruent with our heart.

That’s the point. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as what you do stands in flow with what’s in your heart. Practicing Yoga when in your heart you’d rather be fighting bare knuckled creates in-authenticity. It stops The Flow in our lives and shit comes to a grinding halt.

The most powerful thing we can do as people is to recognize and acknowledge where we are at… wherever that is. If you’re a hot mess and all fucked up, instead of pretending you’re not because of the massive work you perceive needs to be done if you acknowledge it, just acknowledge it and watch what happens!

But before we can even arrive at that point, we need to know what’s in our heart to begin with!

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