Wondering who is behind Hug your Chaos LLC? Come and meet us!

Chris & Lindsay are Entrepreneurs, Published Authors, Philanthropists and Leading Heart Path and Abundant Life Wizards

From troubled origins to creating a 6-Figure Company that has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Damien Elston, Vanessa Simpkins and Billy Bross to name a few, Chris & Lindsay truly KNOW what it takes to ‘Change Your Stars’.

How long have you been doing what you do, and what did it take for you become Life Re-Definition Specialists?

hug your chaos“To answer this question, it’s probably best that we share with you a defining moment, and the resulting story that brought us to where we are today – guiding people searching for “that something more” as they leave disconnection, discontent, and the “not quite right” behind and find Abundance, Life and Business Mastery, and REAL Peace.

That defining moment in our lives happened in 2015, but let’s recap on what brought us to that point.”



Lindsay carried an overwhelming fear of people all throughout her childhood. Life was like nails on a chalkboard. She was disconnected and anxious, often feeling misunderstood. Her solution to this? Perfectionism. Surely that would bring about the love she sought. Her family never talked about emotions, and therefore she didn’t learn to process them. In hindsight, she realized she was carrying the emotional weight and baggage of many, many others. And through it all, she never, ever spoke up. As many empaths do, she turned to drugs. It got pretty bad, pretty fast. Our Lindsay has always been a “take it all” kind of girl. Balls to the wall. All or nothing. This devolved into homelessness and full-blown addiction.

She found her way from one “treatment center” to the next, one method to another but it never worked. The bitterness and confusion never left. At 25, she was diagnosed with lymphoma which caused even more anger and irritability. She was pissed about losing her hair, pissed about not being able to ask for help, and just generally pissed about being sick.

Lindsay Carricarte-JonesSo, she set out on a soul journey, traveling and seeking answers. And although she learned a lot during that time, her addiction soon returned. Things went from bad to worse, and as she puts it “she didn’t give a shit about living.” But again she attempted to heal and repair her life.

At the age of 33, she flipped the switch. She dove into books and started a regular meditation, yoga, and breathing practice. She leaned heavily on these modalities and service work to others. She freed herself from the horrors of the restaurant industry and sought out a better path. She found writing and her manifesting powers. She opened herself to the possibility of finding a partner who would understand her and connect with her deeply. And then, one day, she found a motivational post on Facebook. Three months later, she was on a plane to Australia to spend the summer with the author of the post – Chris.


From a very early age, Chris was also discontent. He hated the world around him, and couldn’t make sense of it. He asked big questions, some that scared his parents. “How do we know that our dreams aren’t our real life and our waking life isn’t a horrible dream?” His family doctor gave him a quick reply but when he pushed back on him, he gave Chris advice that changed his life. “Start meditating and find your own answers.

And so, after leaving school he found his way to a Buddhist monastery, spending 6 months with the monks. Soon after leaving the monastery, he enlisted into the Australian Army and was deployed as a rifleman. He returned lost in the world, again. Chris went into self-imposed exile, choosing his own growth and mind over the company of others including his family. His long-term battle against clinical depression raged constantly.

Across his journey, he sought out the teachings of many mentors who helped him expand his consciousness and skill-set. He did it all, from Alchemy in Melbourne to yoga teacher training in Fiji. From living and training in a mountain village in Northern Thailand to certifications in Life Coaching, NLP, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Western Herbal Medicine. One day along the South Coast of Australia it all came to a head when he had a complete breakdown. Screaming in his van, he knew something had to change. He drove to jagged cliffs of the Great Ocean Road and gave God an ultimatum. “If I have a purpose, bring me back.”

And he jumped.

The freezing current tossed him around and he found himself looking for help on the cliffs. He felt that God had answered, that He was done with Chris. He surrendered and fell beneath the water. At that moment, he found complete peace. And once he did, he somehow found himself back on shore. Two months later he posted an honest, transparent, authentic post about his journey and struggles. Someone commented, “You’re beautiful.” It was Lindsay.

And this is where the magic starts and these two seekers became Lindsay and Chris… us.

Although it wasn’t always easy, the beginning was very tumultuous. We had both been working so hard on ourselves, we were raw and open and prone to being triggered. We could trigger each other with ease. It got so bad that one night Lindsay threatened to leave. Chris’ response?

Throw all her belongings off their boat and into the ocean.

“Each of us had to bring about massive healing for ourselves in order for the relationship to work. We’ve tackled insecurities, trust issues, jealousy, co-dependency, over-assertiveness, and communication blocks.” Chris admits that he may have called Lindsay a “Hood-Rat” once or twice. “We often had to work on our anger – this was massive for us. But through it all, we both knew we were here to help people. We’ve known this our whole lives, and coming together showed us that even more. With each other, we find our power and abilities, the direction and purpose of the hero’s journey that we were walking, both separately and together.”

We are dedicated to the pursuit of fun, even when Chris is crying or Lindsay is raging. “The  highlight reel can go fuck itself! We refuse to hide our struggles, to push them under the rug and project a pretty picture. We thrive in the messy, emotional, and real. They don’t need to be destructive. In short, we Hug Our Chaos.”

We continue on our joint human experience and have started teaching others how they can do the same: we love watching others free themselves from reactivity!

We have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of our professional lives to helping others plant the seeds of self-love, Empowerment and free themselves from habits that no longer serve them. To learn that it’s ok to feel ok, no matter what is happening around them. (And for that matter, it’s ok not to feel ok too.)

Showing others how to thrive in their own business as a couple is one of our greatest strengths. Having lived this path for the past 18-months, we are well versed in what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve worked with many private clients, businesses, spoken in front of countless groups: We live our dream of driving our RV around the wild places of America, sailing our 44 foot Cutter rigged Masthead sloop on the various oceans of the world, collaborating with friends around the globe, and healing the world with our blend of Modern Coaching and Ancient Wisdom. All the while guiding others to their own life of fulfillment and empowerment.

Some of the programs that we have created and facilitate include:

Abundant Life Mastery™, a 90 day program that re-establishes the fundamental relationships we have with the world around us, takes us back to our many blocks, removes them and finally teaches us how to find where we are on the map and empowers us to move towards it.

Your Passion is Your Paycheck, an 8-week program that teaches people how to connect with what they’re most passionate about, and then monetize it, just like we did with HYC.

Couplepreneur Bootcamp, an 8-week program that works specifically with couples wanting to leave their life behind and create their version of a dream world together. Business building skills coupled with personal relationship weatherproofing.

Every single person searching for “that something more” in life and wanting to gain total Self-Mastery and an empowering sense of deep fulfillment needs to chat with us so that we can show you the ways to REALLY start living the life you deserve!