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The Hug Your Chaos blog is dedicated to finding balance and sharing our journey through the integration of Light and Dark. In a world of social media, we spend so much time posting and sharing all of life’s highlights that we forget the low points which are just as much a part of life as the bright, shiny moments. In Buddhism, it is believed that our inherent point of connection, our Bodhichitta, lies right down in the softest part of our most vulnerable place. The place where it hurts if we don’t know how to deal with is occurring.

Our blog is separated into two parts. The left image will take you to the Light blog whereas the right image will take you to the Dark!



hug your chaos

“The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”


So we’re here to talk about it all, the light and the dark, as well as everything in between. Because walking a spiritual path doesn’t mean we are rainbow unicorn butterfly moonchildren who never get angry. We don’t hide our aggression or frustration under, “Namastes” or “Love and Light.” Instead, we get real, we get down and we get dirty. We explore the darkest parts of ourselves in order to greet the blackest shadows we find with a big warm hug. If you’re on Facebook, you can join our closed chaos facebook community here.

We also invite you to join our Chakra Chaos community where we discuss the point of balance as it is related to chakra work!

Why do we need a point of balance?

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Because that’s how we find integration. That’s where we create stillness and peace within. When we aren’t denying half of our makeup (the shadow) we find it is a much easier task to achieve inner peace and compassion for everyone, including ourselves.

The Point of Balance is where we find freedom.

Most of our societal and personal problems arise from denying our pain and suffering. We do this because we falsely believe it shouldn’t exist. It’s time we break that false belief individually and as a whole . To light the way we will be sharing our own personal experiences. This is so you, our Dear Reader can embrace your own path to integration.

When we turn within to explore what makes our soul sing, we sometimes discover new pockets of energy waiting to be uncovered, new portals and doors to step into where uncharted magic awaits us. Be mindful of the signs around you, of what you notice, and pay particular attention to repeating patterns. These events are often a call from your Higher Self to point you in the direction you need to head. To show you which work you need to do.

The process begins with tiny steps toward magnificence and it never ends. Life is busy, time is always limited, resources are constrained. I invite you to start here with us today and connect with us now. We promise to take you to all the places you never wanted to go, but once you visit you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

Now go hug your chaos. Find your own point of balance. We promise it’s possible for all of us!

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