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Habits are hard to break.

Especially those habits that we honestly believe are helping us. Habits such as reading our daily Astrological report before we begin our day.

You know how it works. Each morning you wake up, put on the coffee pot and sit down to read your daily Astrology on your smart phone, before getting ready and racing out the door.

Why wouldn’t you? After all, how much more empowered will your day be when you know ahead of time what to expect?



Before we get into it, the reality of human nature tells me that you have probably already crossed your arms and are feeling defensive. If we were having this conversation face to face, you might have called me a closed minded zealot by now. If, however you were attracted to this article because of the word “Astrology”, then you might find you are in for a real treat as I lay this all out for you.

Ok, so back to my original point. Astrology is real, it’s accurate, it works. Being that Astrology is such an integral part of Alchemy, it is something that I have worked with extensively. So why then do I claim that it is doing us such a disservice? How is reading all about the current planetary retrograde so harmful to our daily life?

To answer that question, let’s look at WHY we choose to read our report first thing each morning. We want to know what the high points will be, what the setbacks will be, and when we need to downright brace ourselves. We want to know whether we are aligned with abundance or lack, with love or possible conflict.

Tools of the trade… right?

This is all a very handy tool if we have the ability to take it for what it is; a guideline. If we can read what is being offered to us without it setting in play our mood for the day, then very well and good. However, how many of us would read that we are in for a troublesome day, and then actually start looking for the trouble? Sure, we don’t look for it so as to actually FIND it. We look for it in order to avoid it, but you know what they say about the things we look for. Looking for something so as to avoid it is absolute madness.

So where does this leave us? Ultimately, we need to be able to accept whatever is being offered from a place of non-attachment. Only in non-attachment can we hold space for the possibility of difficulty or lack, without attracting it to us.

Check out this video on non-attachment to see how to incorporate it into your life.


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