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I’ve been working towards manifesting the life of my dreams for awhile, and now the jumping off point is staring me right in the face.

Everything I’ve been praying for and setting intentions around is hanging right in front of me just waiting for me to grab a hold of it. The life of freedom my husband and I have been working so hard to manifest during these past few years stands on the horizon.

This life we’ve been working towards manifesting is just through a simple doorway; one which has just opened in front of us.

The Universe has delivered, but now we must make a choice. We have to take the leap of faith and fling ourselves off the edge away from all that we know and all that gives us a sense of security. Spirit has pulled up in front of us in a pink cadillac, throwing open the passenger side door, asking, “Are you ready for the life you’ve been asking for?”

“Yes!” I shout out, speaking from the depths of my heart and soul where I know this is the right move for me now. Absolutely yes!

And then it happens.

My mind catches on. It sees that in order to continue manifesting this life of our dreams we must also step away from all “security.”

Security as in leave our apartment and step away from what appears to be a secure job and secure stream of income

And there it is….the fear mantra. I have one foot through the door. We are ready to launch ourselves forward into the arms of Great Spirit because I know in my deepest self that I am being given the opportunity to bring my vision to the world. I am being given the chance to walk my soul path and fulfill what it is I am meant to do upon this Earth. I feel it in my gut.

And my mind whispers,

“What are you, crazy? You can’t quit your job and go live an RV!” (I reply yes we can.)

“How will you survive?!” (The same way we do now. Work to earn money.)

“What will you eat?!” (We can grow our own food if needed.) 

“What about your mail?!” (What mail? The one bill that still comes via snail mail?!)

“What will people think!?” (Who cares?)

“Are you SURE this is what you REALLY want?!” (Um…..YES!)

“Maybe you should just stay in that secure 9-5 office gig, and be someone else’s employee where it’s safe!” (NO!!)

Oh yeah…all of that. The mind is a very crazy place even when we practice meditation. I can’t even begin to imagine what these thoughts would sound like if I didn’t have a practice. I probably wouldn’t even be entertaining the thought of walking away from all things that give me the illusion of security if I wasn’t able to see through the deceptive nature of my fear based programming.

What does our dream life look like?

To clarify, Chris and I have spent the greater part of the last two years putting laser like focus into manifesting a life of adventure, freedom from the grind, and bringing the Hug Your Chaos vision to the world. We’ve worked our butts off building and growing our brand and vision because we feel it is our soul calling.

We bought an RV because we feel claustrophobic living in the crowded city of Long Beach where we pay sky high rent to live in a crumbling shoebox. The only logical way to escape the trap of paying rent was to own our place of residence. Since neither one of us was open to selling our souls to the banks for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage on a house where we can see into our neighbors, we opted to go full minimalist and buy a used RV with our savings.

In short, we started taking real action towards what we envisioned for our life (freedom to roam and experience the world, to live in a way that doesn’t include a Monday through Friday work week) and the Universe has been responding. This is not to say it has been a simple road with no challenges….we have been tried, tested, and held fast to our vision all along and now the door has opened up in front of us to take the next step. 

Beware of fear

This is exactly where most people freeze in fear as they work towards manifesting their wildest dreams. The fear mantra kicks up because the ego is threatened when we think about stepping away from the things that offer us a sense of security.

We are (falsely) raised to believe that without certain things we are in jeopardy. Subliminally we are programmed to fear what is outside of our comfort zones. Within our comfort zones are all things that make us feel secure. An apartment, home, car, money, job, stocked food supplies, tons of material items, and so on. So let’s explore this……what is it about having a job, that you may or may not love, gives us a sense of security? The fact that we perceive this as a guaranteed source of income and we falsely attach money with a sense of security. 

The sense of security is very much an illusion because we can lose our job at any given moment. When we work for an entity outside of ourself we are never truly secure. We only think we are. It’s a trick, a slight of the cosmic hand. At this point we have to make a decision…..We can be “secure” or we can be free. We cannot be both. To be free we must break away from the fixed things in life that trick us into feeling secure. 

True freedom comes when we realize this and we take steps to free ourselves from the bondage of institutionalized thinking. We all have skill sets that people pay us for and gifts we can bring to the world. When I started asking myself why I wasn’t using mine to create the life I wanted rather than the life that society was telling me I should live, I realized there were no more excuses that could stand up in the face of that. 

That’s the key to manifesting the life you seek. Action in the face of the excuses we create in the mind and courage in the face of fear.

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barbara COLEMAN · April 2, 2017 at 4:26 pm

Sounds exciting reminds me of the teepee storey do you see one teepee or two is this lifes trick or test from spirit , What if you wait will this be your last chance and if you jump will this be a disastor. I went for the teepee once and believe me it almost cost me every thing that I love not what happened it made me wake up even more but I tell you what it did was changed my whole life in so many ways and I cannot never go back now all I can do is go forward and use this as a very hard life lesson I realized, I loved and took for granted so much but boy when I was living in my own nightmare later on and nothing would ever be the same for me again, then I realized it was a mirage a false sense of happiness I was so hurt how could my soul have led me wrong what was this life lesson for me . Or did not I hear that low voice telling me not to step off that clift yet, My guides everything I believed led me straight into the dark but I suppose it was something I had to do to move on , I now look back and say boy I wish I had backed out . So much has changed in my life that I can never get back . But my experience does not have to be yours it really may be your time and I trully congratulate you for a job well done , and maybe now your ship has come in I thought I was going to heal the world now I am afraid to go anywhere I have become a recluse afraid of all.

Stargazer · April 3, 2017 at 3:23 am

Love this, I can feel my soul wants me to break out from the fear that keeps me trapped in addiction, the 9 to 5 job and the crazy rent I pay to live a live of freedom but the fear mantra you talk about is so strong.

Caryn Williams · April 5, 2017 at 5:40 am

I know this is the right move for you guys. I can feel it and see it im my minds eye. Do it! Walk though the fear you only live once. You can always go back to the 9 to 5… But, I don’t think you will ever regret this decision. No matter how it turns out. Life is ment to be an adventure live it.

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