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Hello men (and women reading this to gain a better understanding of their Sacred Masculine Warrior).

We are now at a crucial stage of our Human evolution.

NOW is the time.

You see, we have upon us a choice to make. We can choose to return to our old power plays, aggressions, and struggles of the past. Whilst certainly an option, this wouldn’t be a great choice for us. It can be stated without any hesitation that our male dominated past is covered in bloodshed. We therefore must now start looking towards the other options available to us.

Based on the fact that we do have a controlling, destructive, bloodthirsty history, it makes sense to choose the higher path right? So the big question is, as men, why are we so reluctant to do so?

The reality is, men these days are no longer Warriors in the traditional sense. Most of us would not be able to wield a sword for longer than a few minutes without tiring. We are largely comfortable and pretty much every sane man alive would have a big issue with putting an axe through his neighbors chest or head just to claim his house!

We are actually in a state of transition. The truth is, we are no longer Warriors like our ancestors, yet we are on the verge of being able to redefine what “Warrior” actually means!

Brave New Warrior!

So what does the Sacred Masculine Warrior look like, and why are so many of us so reluctant to take up the torch? Having already walked this path myself, I can safely look back at the journey and tell you what my hang-ups were with walking it.

For starters, it required surrender! I had to give up everything I thought I was. I have served as a soldier in the Australian Army, and trained to fight in ring and cage most of my life. My Mother had me enrolled in Taekwan-Do from the time I could walk. Since that point I have studied a host of different Martial Arts, both internal and external.

For most of my life, strength as a man meant being able to fight. It meant holding in my tears when I was hurt. It meant keeping on going after those around me had long since stopped. I can tell you now without hesitation it also meant never asking for help. It meant showing no emotion.

What I was failing to realize was that although these were definitely aspects of being a man, traits handed on to me genetically from my ancestors, they were also not complete. It has taken me a phenomenally long and convoluted journey to recognize that each and every one of these aspects required something more in order to balance them.

The Divine Feminine Gives Birth to the Sacred Masculine Warrior

As far as I have been able to travel along my own path, I was unable to complete it alone! It took a great deal of humbling down to recognize this. I gave up the fight many years ago and begun my spiritual path in earnest. Having spent many years alone in isolation studying what made sense to me to learn, I thought I had obtained everything I needed.

Funnily enough, it was at this stage of my life that I met Lindsay. She had so much to show me, and the mirror was often so bright, that I almost ran from it several times. It was in spending time with my Twin Flame, the Divine Feminine counterpart to my Sacred Masculine, that I started realizing how unbalanced I was.

She inadvertently taught me that knowing how to fight meant absolutely nothing if you didn’t know WHEN to fight. Her reflections showed me that there was no need to hold in tears, but to become emotionally mature regarding when I release them. She showed me that it was OK to ask for help, and that being a Warrior meant taking care of ME too.

Surrendering everything I thought I was allowed me the space to become everything I was waiting to be. A caterpillar has absolutely no hope of becoming a butterfly if it doesn’t create a cocoon. It is the same for us men!

I firmly believe the biggest element stopping us from taking the journey to our own Sacred Selves is the fear that we are giving up our perceived strength! We are under the misguided impression that the act of opening our hearts will make us soft. There is a safety in the armor we wear and the reality is, we’re not quite ready to remove it.

Removing the armor is the strongest action we can undertake!

I can tell you from the experience of my path that the scariest, most powerful action I have ever done is stripping off my armor. Those walls that keep us “safe”, also block us. They block us from the most important and powerful force in existence; LOVE! As I’ve said before, the thing with walls are, they can crumble under enough force. So whilst they give the illusion of strength, that’s all it is – illusion.

Our greatest empowerment is in opening ourselves. Once we are open, there is no longer a choice. We would never again be able to make the choice back to our bloodthirsty past because we can FEEL everything! We are not able to act in any manner of deliberate harm towards another.

Embracing our birthright of Sacred Masculine Warrior is the tonic to a planet in desperate need!

Author – Chris

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Troy · August 19, 2017 at 10:38 am

I find empathy to be a double edge sword, and struggle to not isolate myself.

    Chris Jones · August 26, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    That’s one of the things that would have been addressed in your breakthrough call with us.
    Unfortunately, the system we use cancels appointments if the questions are not returned prior to the time slot.
    When you’re ready to break through those self limiting patterns, set up another call and answer the questions. We’re more than happy to help.

Troy Hunter · September 23, 2017 at 12:27 am

Thank you, I owe you an apology for missing the appointment. There was a couple of issues that required urgent attention. I will most definitely request another appointment in the near future 🙂

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