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I’m about to let you all in on a big secret about the world of being an entrepreneur. One that most people in the field don’t want to fess up to or admit, but I’m going to go ahead and put it out there, raw, real, and honest. Because that’s what we do at Hug Your Chaos. We talk about ALL THE THINGS in life not just the pretty attractive ones that are fit for the social media highlight reel.

“For some people, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Creating something new and leading a team is living the dream, and a destination in its own right. For others, it’s only a means to an end, or might even be considered a detour en route to even bigger and better things.” -Entrepreneur Magazine

So let’s get real! This goes for the entrepreneur life as well. It’s time for the real talk because I’m so sick of seeing the endless posts in my news feed about how this guy or that girl thought about a business idea for five minutes, worked on it for two days, quit their job two weeks later, and now they make six figure incomes every month. And you can too, if you just follow their secret system.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I’m not saying that there aren’t benefits to having business mentors or coaches, but DO YOUR RESEARCH. If it sounds too good, it probably is. They didn’t get rich overnight and neither will you. You may get rich over time with their system and secrets, but it’s going to take work, patience, energy, courage, and a really strong “Why” so that when it’s challenging you know why you’re doing it.

I hesitate to use the word “hard” because hard and easy are subjective and anything in life is, indeed, what we make it. So instead, I’ll say this: It’s as hard or easy as you make it. Has it been hard for us? HELL YES. The philosophical ones who have not much life experience can preach at me all they want about it being what I make it and that’s fine. I understand perfectly well that I made it hard because of my expectations. That doesn’t change the fact that, in my experience, it’s been hard.

What is it to be an entrepreneur?

It’s not all positivity posts and photo ops that say “Look how great my life is now!” Don’t get me wrong here, my life IS great now. It’s the best it’s ever been, BUT, I do not want to deceive anyone into thinking that it’s been a process that didn’t take a lot of work. Being an entrepreneur takes a willingness to constantly step outside your comfort zone into the places that scare the shit out of you. You have to do the things you really don’t to because they call for facing your own inner narratives which have been with you since Day 1 and are put in place by your mind to ensure your perceived survival.

Being an entrepreneur has been like a giant mirror for every single one of my inner gremlins – self-doubt, fear of failure, worthiness, fear of success, fear of judgment, drive, determination, and ambition. I’ve had to look at every single one of these aspects in the face and work through releasing them so I could move forward into the life of abundance that I deserve.

There’s sacrifice involved too.

Because you aren’t going to be a millionaire overnight, no matter who tries to tell you they have the answer, you’re going to have to invest your own time and money into creating your empire. This isn’t a bad thing AT ALL, but just be aware! Investments are good; they show the universe that you mean business behind the changes you want in your life because when you’re willing to PUT IN the two most valuable things, your time or your money, this creates an energetic vibration of giving and receiving.

You will need good boundaries when embarking on the path of the entrepreneur. If this is something you struggle with, you may end up working around the clock and not enjoying your supposed new found freedom at all. Then your lifestyle posts will look silly and inauthentic. Work – Play balance is key for those of us who become our own boss. Chris and I clearly have no issue there as we make a point to unplug once or twice a week and disappear into the woods. However, I can lean to the workaholic side, pushed by my ambition to spread healing to the world, as well as my ambition to be financially abundant.

Oh my God. Did I actually admit that out loud?

I know….everyone says it’s not about the money. Bullshit it’s not! If you aren’t embarking on the entrepreneurial path in order to have more more freedom then why are you?! Guess what, in this day, money = freedom. FACT.

Look, if the world didn’t operate on money, I would give everything I do away for free. But guess what? It does. As much as I want a world without money, I’m currently living in this one where we need money and money allows me to do what I please, so yes, I LOVE MONEY.

I can say that because I’ve worked through my mental blocks surrounding money, which is why money flows in and out of my life as needed. It’s just energy. And one more thing is this: We also still live in a world that most people don’t value anything that didn’t cost them something. So that’s why we have to charge for the services we offer as entrepreneurs.

Lastly, being an entrepreneur has shown me, above all else, not to take anything personally. As a trailblazer, you will get rejected over and over again, and that’s OKAY! It’s part of the ride. It’s not about you when someone else isn’t ready to invest in themselves! As a healing entrepreneur, I really get to see how little the people in this world value themselves and their own well-being.

I would suggest anyone who has it in their heart to follow this path, it IS worth it. Just make sure you got your gumption ready.


Author: Linds Carricarte-Jones 
Image: Entrepreneur

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