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The Leo New Moon is coming up on Sunday July 23rd, and a powerful question to ask yourself over this New Moon is: How can I take responsibility for myself and my life and where I want to be right now? The answers may not be revealed until after the August eclipses, which are all about showing us the hidden. But if you’re really ready to become a conscious co-creator in your life and current reality, then start asking the power questions and setting the intention to know with this action packed New Moon.

This is the perfect time to Hug Your Chaos. And if you feel so called to join our community of chaos huggers, I invite you to do so here). By acknowledging your own darkness NOW under the fiery action and passion of Leo, you’ll be less likely to be caught off guard as we move towards the August eclipses when what you don’t admit to may bite you in the ass!

Fiery Leo brings action

The fire sign of Leo promises to bring all kinds of fun during this period. If you’re anything like me the New Moon cycles tend to bring up all of your watery emotions (tears, sensitivity, sadness, crying for NO reason, etc.) which tend to ebb and flow based on which sign the New Moon is actually in. Consider this Leo New Moon as you would a magician’s hat; you never know what may come out of it. That’s going to depend on you!

If you know any Leo suns, you either love them or you hate them, right? This moon may be much the same for many of us. Allow the moon to be what it will while you approach with openness and curiosity and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn and where you can grow as we proceed forward moving ever closer to the lunar and solar eclipses of August. Proceed with caution, fear of the unknown, or a fixed identity that defines you and you may be in for a roller coaster, especially as the lunar eclipse draws near.

About those eclipses…

The thing to remember about Eclipses is that astrologically, they are super bright, high vibrational events. They cast light into the darkest of places. All of those little lies (including those to ourselves) that we may have been hiding away are no longer safe. Although by their very nature, lies are always revealed anyway, the process is sped up during Eclipses.

It is all a part of the Path towards our highest potential. You see, lies and delusions about who we are are merely the lowest vibrating face of our communication. (Just the same way that cold is the lowest vibrating face of temperature.) They occur for a reason; as a tool to show us things about ourselves and our paths. The trouble arises when we try and hide them away rather than using them as the tools they are.

Don’t resist the Leo New Moon!

Have you ever tried to resist a Leo? It takes A LOT of energy as will resisting the energy of this moon!

What are you avoiding? All comes to light under the darkness of an eclipse. Dig deep now and set your intentions wisely during this Leo New Moon.

As said by Chani, one of my favorites for the poetic way with words even when describing this potential shit show:

“This week opens up on clashing notes. One fantastical, one rebellious. On Monday, Venus squares Neptune. Creating a mist of confusion that infiltrates the air, both planets tend to want things to be ideal, romantic and receptive. However, together they can tend to create situations that exacerbate our willingness to override reality and venture headlong into our delusions about love and relationship. The thudding heart is hypnotic, and under its influence we can tend to get lost in the pools of a lover’s eyes. This combination can dissipate our energy, making it hard to get anywhere concrete, making staying afloat a great goal for the day. Use the energy for healing, meditation and creative visualizations.” 

Let the lion ROAR!

Embrace your inner lion if you have one as the fiery, social, outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic playboy energy of Leo is now massively empowered by Mars, as well, a planet of vitality, action, and boldness. This moon encourages us to enjoy love, life, and sex in every possible way; embrace the physical nature of your human existence. Also take time to get outside and free your inner child! Make time for PLAY. Hop, skip, jump, roll around in the grass, climb a tree, swing, cannonball, build a snowman, do anything that feels like carefree, fun, spirited JOY!

This Leo New Moon is very positive and energizing, but you may end up feeling like you have been dealt a particularly challenging bag of tricks. Take it on stride and ask yourself, “what is this here to teach me?” Try to take a calm and relaxed approach and remember to view things from a place of curiosity, practicing the Pause and breathwork anytime you need to check yourself.

Remember, whatever comes up is likely to have another side to it that will be revealed in August and is in line with your own evolution and Highest Good.

Author: Linds Carricarte-Jones

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