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What does this Aquarius Full Moon lunar eclipse mean for you? On August 7th, a partial lunar eclipse will occur with the full moon, heightening all energies on Earth. While this event is only visible in certain areas, we will all feel the energies of this energetic shift as it awakens us from slumber and pulls the wool from our eyes. Lunar eclipses are all about the shadows.

Embrace the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

A lunar eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon. And this Aquarius Full Moon resides in a sign that most accurately shows us the need for change, revolution, transformation. Powerful times are upon us! Lunar eclipses tend to force the hidden unknowns out into the light, but this occurs for our own highest good and evolution so it should not be feared. Resistance will, of course, create unneeded suffering. 

Aquarius is as defiant and insubordinate but in times like these Aquarius energy is a needed blessing. Tap into the stubborn, unbending, and persistent energy to shake up the status quo in your life. Full Moon says release, and with eclipse energy shining light on areas that need attention and forcing events into play that will usher you forward, now is the time. There is no better time than now to rebel against what doesn’t work in your life so you can step forward with the plans and dreams you’ve been nourishing deep within you this year. 

We stand here just past the threshold of Lammas with the end of summer and a total solar eclipse on the horizon. There is no time like right now to really see what is bubbling under the surface hidden within the depths of the unconscious mind. Doing this will help us understand what drives us each day AND what blocks us from taking the actions towards creating a life we love.

What does the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse mean for you?

In the darkness of this lunar eclipse we may encounter a sense of dread or despair, as if the light threatens never to return. But this feeling will be short lived, so just relax and breathe into the uncomfortable. This is simply setting the scene for the coming illumination of truths previously hidden in the shadows – all for our own development and growth!

Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start by writing a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper.

“Eclipses have the power to poke holes in our ego/identity, revealing things deep within us that we’ve been avoiding or totally unaware of.” ~ Chad Woodward

The wise have been aware of our close relation to the movements of the solar system for centuries. As you work with the powerful energy of this eclipse, turn your attention to the moon, giving thanks for the emotional nurturing and connection to water that she brings. And forget not the sun, without whom this eclipse would not be possible as he illuminates La Luna in the night sky. It’s likely to be an emotional time for many as we are catapulted into an age of clear sight and awakening.

Pay homage to the celestial bodies that govern so much of our lives here on Earth. Open yourself to rebellious, bold Aquarius, a sign of change and new beginnings. During this Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse bid farewell to what no longer serves you and you open yourself up to the unknown and unlimited possibilities ahead.

How to cope

Use these mantras as needed as you work through your personal journey during this full moon eclipse:

  1. I am Divine, I am open and I am willing to receive, and I see the world for what it is. I will do my part to bring about good fortune and happiness for myself and others.
  2. With gratitude I give thanks for the many blessings I am given each day. Thank you for ___________.
  3. I embrace my emotions and the element of water. My feeling are not permanent but rather like clouds floating across the sky. All is perfect as it is meant to be and these emotions are just energy moving through me.
  4. Today I am open to seeing the truth. So that I may see what I am meant to see, I surrender my blinders and filters now. I am open to seeing the world as it is and I will be gentle with myself and others.
  5. I surrender my hurts, wounds, and scars of the past so that I may heal and be renewed. I let go of all that blocks me from my path and does not serve my highest good.


My favorite astrology site, Mystic Mamma had this to say about the Full Moon partial lunar eclipse event:

“Here we are, most likely feeling the strong swirling energies of the eclipses. Time to take it all in, ground into Mother Earth and trust that the energies we are feeling are our very own personal evolutionary spirals activating and undulating us toward our next level expression and embodiment.

We must trust in this movement as it shakes open our hearts and helps to dislodge the places that have been stuck. We must ask the deeper questions so we can uncover the root hurt/idea/perception/ unmet need that has kept us bound in a reactionary pattern. 

Time to unravel our own myth, untangle the knots and open our heart to all the infinite possibilities that exist and all the infinite love and magic that makes All of Creation so vibrantly alive.”

I encourage you to embrace this powerful event and to swim deep in this new refreshing energy. Do not fear the new, although it may be unknown, it is exactly what we need.

Trust the Divine and trust in yourself. And above all else, remember to breathe in the face of whatever arise for you.


Click here for more on healing or empowerment through this massive energy shift.

Writer: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones
Image cred: Soul Level Solutions

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