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The human race is still largely all about giving away its power.

I have proof!

But before I give you my proof, allow me to explain what I mean by “giving away its power”.


At any given point, we have the ability to make decisions that either empower us, or strip us of power. We can choose to look at ourselves for why we are experiencing what it is we’re experiencing in life, or we can look to external factors.

The quirky thing about ownership is this: until we own something, we absolutely cannot do anything about it. Take for an example a pothole in the middle of a road we use everyday. It doesn’t matter that it’s doing damage to our vehicle. We personally cannot do anything about it. There’s really no way we can pull out a bag of cement and start patching the road. I think there might even actually be laws against that.

HOWEVER, if you buy a house and there’s a pothole in the middle of your driveway, you ARE able to fix it. Ownership gives you that power. Once we own something, we have the power to make changes to it. Plain and simple!

So the next step in this journey of understanding is that this isn’t just limited to the physical world. Thoughts and emotions are exactly the same! If we have a thought but refuse to admit it we generated it, then we have no power or control over the thought. If we feel something but look outside of ourselves for why the feeling was triggered, once again there is no empowerment over the emotion (this is huge)!

Why do we do it? Why do we look outside of ourselves for the answers?

The answer to that is very simple. We don’t want to have to admit that we are responsible for fixing the damn hole in the road!

As long as we refuse to take ownership over a repetitive emotional outburst, looking instead at the person or event that “triggered” it, we don’t have to do any self work to “fix it”. It’s so much easier to drive over the pothole and curse at whoever should be fixing it than it is to admit that we own the fucking road and it is up to us to stop racing through the world, take a moment and repair it so that it’s smooth.

Now let’s go back to that proof I mentioned that I have. You know, the proof that you’re giving away your power. Because in reality, it’s going to be far too easy to state “this doesn’t apply to me. If I see a pothole in my life, I fix it”.

We actually monitor how well our articles do here. We look for trends and take note of what gets the big view counts and what doesn’t.

You know what we discovered?

Astrology gets more views than any other article topic. So how the hell is that my proof that you’re giving away your power? Well, here it is:

SOME of the people that read the Astrology articles are doing so out of pure subject matter interest. BUT, the majority are doing so because if you can blame the bumpy ride in your life, and ALL of the potholes that you’re hitting daily on what the celestial bodies are doing, then you don’t have to do anything to fix it!

Causes everywhere. An entire sky full of them

“It’s OK. I’m just temperamental because fiery Mars is crossing through one of my houses right now!” I get it and believe me, I’m not daft enough to disregard that there is influence in our lives from what happens off the planet. Even our tides are affected by the moon. It’s real.

BUT… How many of us use this as a tool for our own growth and recognize the importance of doing the work once we’ve been shown how we react due to an external circumstance? How many of us refuse to acknowledge that we have any power of our emotional state just because Mercury is in retrograde once again?

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! We seek an external cause for the way we think, feel or behave and are content to leave it at that, we are giving away our empowerment!

Even looking in advance as to why we are going to feel like shit. We give away our power before we even arrive at a situation. Here we are, checking the Astrology report because we just know that there is something in there that’s going to affect us and make us act batshit crazy.

The second half of my proof? Articles that we’ve written on how to take back your power largely fall on deaf ears. This is because there is ownership over the bumpy road and work to be done to fix it within those and not everyone is ready for solutions that actually call for action.


Just like anything in life, we can’t address it until we are ready to acknowledge it. For example, maybe that’s why drug addicts trigger people so deeply….they are a mirror of our own inability to admit that something may be a problem which would then call for us to take responsibility over it. It’s easier to just get mad and intolerant of them then it is to look within ourselves at what needs changing.

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