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It’s prevalent in our society.

You can see it everywhere you look.

The discontent of an unfulfilling life is dripping from so many of us, it’s almost like a bad cologne.

You can smell the air of desperation!

Scroll your Facebook newsfeed and see just how many of your “friends” are complaining about their plot in life! I don’t mean sharing outside of the highlight reel… That’s awesome when people get real. No, I mean just mindlessly complaining about how this sucks, how that is horrible. Notice that it’s the same names constantly whining about something?

These very same people have a problem with EVERYTHING and yet, when offered a solution, actively fight you for their right to their limitations right before scurrying back to their little shut down world.

I’ve always enjoyed a good debate with someone via social media. When a person uses their viewpoint to define themselves, I really LOVE pointing out conflicting opinions and watching how deeply this challenges them. The problem in allowing your view of the world to define who you are as a person is that you are largely unable to accept alternative points of view.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


So here we have a real conundrum. In our line of work, we don’t just have mindless complaints about every aspect of someones life popping up in our newsfeed… We have people actively reaching out to us telling us how crappy things are for them. We get a dozen private messages, comments and emails daily that tell us all about the real daily struggles.

Do you know what we do with these correspondences? We take them seriously! Of course we take them seriously, because helping improve the quality of other peoples lives is OUR life mission.

There is always a solution and yet…

After years of struggle through our own darkness and working our asses off to step into the lives we currently have, we have developed a system. Our system WORKS! Every single person we walk through our program has immediate and profound breakthroughs. Life takes on an entirely new glow and all of the problems that were once at the forefront of life are now readily overcome.

HOWEVER what astounds us even more than the success stories, are the stories of rejection. Let’s be VERY clear here! We are not talking about rejection of us and our programs. You see as a side note, the life we have established for ourselves does NOT depend on people working with us. We do not have a high yield existence that requires constant financial input in order to keep moving.

We have established our dream life where we are largely “off-grid” and live extremely simply. This is our choice!

So when we refer to rejection, we are talking about self rejection. If you are suffering and someone offers you a solution that has been proven time and again to overcome this, by rejecting the solution you are rejecting your SELF! You are choosing your pain and limitations over your expansion and growth.

Why does this rejection stand out to us so much?

Ultimately, we know that our system works. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON that works it has a complete life shift for the better. Above and beyond everything that we have chosen to include in our lives, helping others is the deepest and most fulfilling aspect. We have found the cure for the cancer of the Soul and yet, more often than not people would rather cling to their self imposed limitations.

This stands out to us because we both, for many years, sat in this very same place of self imposed limitations and pain where it was easier to complain than it was to focus on the solutions. That all changed when the fear of remaining in that place started to outweigh the fear of taking responsibility and making necessary changes. When that occurs we cannot help but seek to shed the self imposed limitations.

This is where the work begins in earnest!

So how do these limitations come about? Where do they come from? They are a result of social and familial programming, physical manifestations of energy blocks, trans-generational traumas and so on. We ALL start here with limitations. This is not the problem. It is what we choose to do with it once we’ve become aware of it that makes the difference. If, once we become aware of what is occurring and still continue to choose our fearful limited viewpoint, then we ARE the problem!

So how do we know we are giving away our power?

Here’s seven surefire signs that we are still in victim mode:

  1. You blame other people for your feelings.
  2. You waste time complaining.
  3. Your self-image depends on other people’s opinions of you.
  4. You try to blend in.
  5. You hold grudges.
  6. You don’t know your values.
  7. You don’t have healthy boundaries.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your reality or does it still feel good to give away your power to the outer world and your limitations?


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Lil · September 16, 2017 at 12:34 am

How can I learn more please

    Chris Jones · September 21, 2017 at 11:26 am

    What would you like to know?

    If you’re ready to take your power, contact us via

    Much love,


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