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We all seek happiness from this life we are living on planet Earth, yet so many of us are missing the mark when it comes to being truly happy. I’m not even sure that many people even understand what true happiness actually feels like which is why I’m giving you 3 surefire happiness hacks to change your line of thinking!

I’ll tell you what t feels like….it feels like a breath of fresh air on a Saturday morning. It feels like the feeling that you have when you’re doing something you absolutely love and you’re 100% there in the moment rather than worrying about numerous other things outside your control. It feels like the bliss of a cool ocean swim on a hot summer day. Like the feeling of excitement on the last day of school.

It feels like perfection no matter what is going on around us.

Today I want to share with you three powerful things that may be preventing you from being truly happy!

Happiness hacks ahead!

The idea that happiness can be obtained from anything outside of you.

You would think that in this day and age, this one was self-explanatory. But it’s not. No matter how much I hear people talking about finding happiness within, I still see them chasing happiness in the physical realm. I promise you this: No matter how good, attractive, perfect, important, or fill in the blank anything outside seems to you at the moment, it’s not going to give you the everlasting happiness we all seek.

But you know what will? Meditation. Yoga. Being of service to others.

We tend to fall into the thinking that “If we could just make this much money or get that other job or meet Mr. or Mrs. Right we would be happy.” This is 100% false and all it does is keep us chasing the horizon. We put our happiness in outside situations, people, places, etc.

And what happens when we chase the horizon?

Well….have you ever tried?

Just like outer happiness, it keeps eluding us. that’s the rabbit hole of seeking outside for the key to happiness. What if instead, you tried something new? Instead of grabbing for outer distractions you turned within and you sat with yourself in meditation? I’m telling you it’s worth a try. It may be strange at first but stick with it. Try it for a month and if nothing changes by then, don’t worry your misery will be waiting for you.


You are you and that’s the bottom line. Any inner narratives that whisper to you about how you don’t measure up to your best friend, co-worker, sister, brother, cousin, neighbor, random person on the street are BULLSH*T. The sooner you accept the fact, the faster you will start finding happiness within you based on who you are. Everyone has their path and everyone has their struggles. I know how easy it is to see someone in the store and think that they have it all together.

But that’s a PERSPECTIVE and an assumption and is usually false because it’s based on our ego. And what does our ego do? Compares us to everyone else in order to keep us from feeling good enough and secure in who we are. It does this because it knows that your security and confidence in who you are is a direct threat to its control over you. Yes, ego serves a purpose and gives you an identity. HOWEVER, the unchecked ego, which most people are running off of these days, is your own worst enemy. Start practicing self-acceptance NOW.

How? The next time you catch yourself in comparison mode, check yourself with an, “I am enough” affirmation. Then remind yourself that this person has their own struggle that you may have no idea about. Or, be really bold and make an attempt to talk to the person you’re judging. Give them a compliment and see where it goes. You just might be surprised.

The idea that the world owes you anything. 

This is one of the most powerful perspectives you can shift within yourself. The Hawaiians have a saying:

🌺 E hele me ka pu’olo 🌺

It means “Always Take An Offering With You. Make Every Person Place or Condition Better Than You Left It Always. Wherever You Go, Always Take Something With You.” This is the sacred Hawaiian way – the Way of Abundant Flow honoring Ke Akua and His creation which is Nature. 🌸 So, what if we embraced this idea as a culture and as individuals?

Instead of constantly looking for what you can GET from the world, what if you started being motivated by what you can GIVE/BRING to the world? Think of how drastically this shifts the way we interact with one another.

We all fall into the trap of worrying about ourselves and our needs and survival. But here’s the thing. Worrying does nothing for us. It doesn’t change our current state of affairs. If I’m broke worrying about it doesn’t help, it only attracts more like energy which equals things to worry about. If instead, I approach the world with an attitude of “What can I do to make everything I come across better than I found it,” I then start to see good things are attracted to me.

It shifts everything when we stop being obsessed with ourselves and what we want/need/think we deserve from the world and we start looking for what we can bring/give. The catch is to do it with no expectation of return. That’s where the joy and long-lived happiness comes from.

Just remember….

Trying one new thing each day is a surefire way to start amplifying your life. Get out of your comfort zone and stay in touch with your gratitude while you work these happiness hacks into your life starting today.

Much love everyone!


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Author: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

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