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October’s Aries Full Moon is the one we’ve been waiting for. Here’s why you should be dancing in the dark with us this month. At Hug Your Chaos, this is our time. We love the shadows, we love Autumn, and boy do we love a full moon that demands action! Bring it on.

As the weather shifts, the nights creep in earlier and earlier, and through our energetic connection to the Earth and the Moon, we naturally begin to turn inwards as well. The light carefree fun of summer fades away as the leaves change and fall from the trees, the crispness floats on the air, and we naturally shift our gaze to the darker elements of life. The veil between worlds is coming to its thinnest and we can sene it deep within.

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It’s a time for us to celebrate, to revel in our shadows, and to embrace the duality that makes us human. Life can’t be all rainbows, buttercups, namastes, and light. In order for any of those to exist we must, of course, have their opposites in the form of blackness, weeds, f*ck you’s, and darkness. It’s in the denial of our darkness that we cause ourselves so much pain and suffering which we then inflict on ourselves and others when it comes out sideways draped in the deceptive cloaks of depression, anxiety, addiction, compulsion, and fear.

Let the darkness come

ForeverConscious said it perfectly, “When the Full Moon falls in Aries it is a reminder that there are always going to be obstacles in life. There are always going to be things that you have to overcome or things that are going to get you down, but when you believe in yourself, when you tune into your heart’s desire and know yourself, anything is possible.”

And that’s exactly what Hug your Chaos is all about. Honor the mess, honor the shadows, honor YOURSELF. It’s time for us to face who we are as individuals and start stepping up to the plate to create the change we want to see in the world. This Aries Full Moon is going to shine a spotlight on power – individual power. It’s going to ask you to get honest with yourself in regards to how power shows up in your life…..

The obstacles are part of the journey! The highlight reels of our social media world have us falsely believing that life can be all perfection and bliss as we compare our messy human existence to the highlight reels of celbri-tards and seemingly perfect acquaintances who we perceive to have it all together. What we forget is that it’s all a false perception

We all have our obstacles, it’s what we do with them that separates us!

This Aries Full Moon aligns with one of our prime messages at Hug Your Chaos. Face what you want to run away from and the Universe will support you in your work. Stop seeking to avoid and you will come to a place of love like you’ve never known before.

But…it’s going to take some action!

No matter what obstacles are in your way, you can celebrate here. Get clear about what you want and then take steps to make it happen. The Aries Full Moon will support you with your leap of faith, you just have to take the first step. More than ever we witness people frozen in fear over a decision. People who know they want to change in their life because the current way isn’t working anymore and they’re in pain. But when we call on them to take action they can’t yet do it. If this is you then NOW IS YOUR TIME!

You are being divinely supported by this Aries Full Moon. It may be shadow season but this action-packed fire moon is calling for us to step out of the shadows and take your life back.

Aries Full Moon questions to ponder:

  • Do you give away your power to others? Are you trapped in victim mindset?
  • Do you abuse power when you have it?
  • Do you wield power at the expense of others or are you fair and just?
  • Do you fear power and thus you keep yourself playing small so you never have to have any real power?
  • Do you consider others when going after what you want? Or do you trample carelessly over them in pursuit of your interests?
  • How can you use your power to create an energy of balance in your life and those around you?

This can be a truly transformational shift for many of us. We just have to get out of our own way, take some action, show up, face ourselves, and consider others in the process. Are you up for the task?

**You’re invited to our Free Full Moon in Aries Online Q&A/Healing session! Watch the replay here:

Narcissists beware, the Aries Full Moon just might give you the well overdue ass-kicking that you’re highly in need of…

Get your shadow working crystals out. Light your candles. Stock up on your smudge bundles and breathe into the possibilities being offered with this potent full moon! And if you really want to Hug Your Chaos, we invite you to our HYC facebook community here.


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