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Why do we hate one another so much?

After all… we’re ALL human.

We jump around all over the place as though we’re the most advanced race to live on this rock; and yet we judge, criticize, blame, attack and kill one another constantly!

I’ve seen videos on the internet where predatory animals protect other (prey) animals in dangerous situations. Other animals that would normally be their food! There are accounts of different animal species protecting one another; and yet the human race kills for nothing more than money and power!

So what is the actual problem with our race? Is it that we are hard wired to destroy one another? Why can we not figure it out? What is the solution? Is there a solution?

Let’s take a quick look at the antithesis of the idea that we are currently fucked as a race!

I remember being a small child, laying on a little patch of grass in the front yard that I enjoyed playing in. On this particular day, I was looking at the clouds drifting across the sky and had no real clear thought processes that I can remember. Then it came to me – there was a real problem with the world.

I didn’t understand the concept of balance at this stage of my life (this will become important as the story progresses). I only knew that people were not very nice to each other and that something had to change. It was then that a very definitive thought popped into my head.

(Remember, I was a really young child – perhaps only 5 years old).

If God could give the Devil so much power and the Devil uses it for evil, then why not take it from him and give it to someone that would use it for good?

The conversation then went something like this:

“God, you are all powerful. And you’ve given a really large chunk of that power to the Devil. He has totally used it for bad purposes. So why not take it from him and give it to me? I promise you that I will absolutely use it for good. I will work for you and make everyone love each other. What do you think? Can you take away the Devil’s power and give it to me?”

Now, here’s the thing I didn’t understand at the time: In order for there to be balance on Earth, there had to be equal Day and Night, Light and Dark, Good and Evil.

Star Wars Leads the Way

Obi Wan completely missed the point when he screamed at Anakin “YOU WERE MEANT TO BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE!” He didn’t realize that until that point, The Force had been very Jedi heavy and had no real Sith presence. This means it was all Love and Light without an equally strong presence of it’s dark counterpart.

Here I was, an idealistic 5 year old making the same mistake! God had it right all along. There had to be an equal and opposite amount of darkness balancing the light. It must be this way because the entire Universe rested on balance.

So let’s jump back to my original question. Why do we hate one another so much? In fact, let’s ask this: DO WE HATE ONE ANOTHER SO MUCH OR ARE WE JUST LIVING OUT OUR BALANCED PURPOSE?

Is this current state of the world the balance needed to hold the world in order? Are we actually standing in a space of equal love and fear so that we have a perfect balance here on Earth? Is there a possibility that things are no worse now than they ever were and that we are just more aware of it due to social media?

We have such an awareness of the darker aspects of humanity because word of it spreads faster than it ever has. We are also standing so much more in our own light now on the crux of an energetic shift and therefore the darker aspects of our souls are a much more pronounced contrast to us now than ever before.

I honestly believe that everything is in perfect balance exactly the way it is.

Yes, we are capable of great darkness however we are also capable of great light. With so many people starting to wake up on the planet right now, it’s so easy to become lost in the “Namaste’s” and “Love and Lights” without continuing to embrace the very thing that is needed for our own balance… darkness.

For us to question the state of things is to question the very processes of God. Whatever Higher Force of energy you believe in, it hasn’t fucked things up. We are exactly where we are meant to be!

I know from my own path since I was that naive 5 year old speaking to God through the clouds in the sky that the stronger the Light has become in me, the more the potential for darkness also exists in me. And you know what?

I’m quite at peace with that!


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mark s rasmussen · October 17, 2017 at 1:32 am

very well put…there is a real sense of peace when I am able to recognize this as my truth….it makes so much sense….it is truth….nothing happens in Gods world by mistake…nothing is wasted all of my experiences are used for my continuing awakening.. instead of wasting my time fighting this “outer darkness” I just need to own my own darkness….it all lies within me…..and it brings me peace because it explains a great deal….and I am at peace with it as well….in fact I’ve always sort of love the darkness and respect it…I still can….but it may be wise for me not to dance with it anymore.

mark s rasmussen · October 17, 2017 at 1:36 am

I laugh at myself constantly….I have a much healthier relationship with myself than I’ve ever had in my life….but there is more work to do…..and I am willing to do it…

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