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Chances are you clicked on this article for one of two reasons:

Either you know the title is RIGHT and you genuinely agree that your life is shit right now!

That being the case, you came here to learn what I have to tell you.

The other reason you’re here is because you instantly became upset, triggered, defensive and want to find out what kind of an asshole I am to claim I know ANYTHING about you and how your life is progressing.


Either way, I’m right! The more triggered you became from the title of this article or any of its contents, the more what I’m about to say applies to YOU!

That’s right friends! The things that trigger us, do so for a reason. So now that we have that clear, let’s get down to business.

How do I know anything about you and your life in order to make the claim I have? Who am I to state that I know how badly your life sucks right now?

I found the following picture in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. This in itself isn’t unusual, as I follow all kinds of people and pages. The thing that actually made me spit my cereal all over my computer screen was that 74,000 people liked it, 335,000 people shared it and 15,000 people commented on it.

Want to make a guess as to what the comments were?

Do you think they had anything to do with improving the quality of the landscape in one’s life! Do you think there was any conscious discussion about how we actually create our own life and we are therefore trying to escape from ourselves?


ALL of the comments surrounding this picture were about getting away. Vacations, holidays, road-trips, locations. Where to go and dreams of not coming back!

Have you heard the saying:

“Instead of dreaming away your time on your next vacation, create a life you don’t need a vacation from”

Here’s the thing when it comes to being human. We are NOT born with a manual. None of us. Anyone that tells you they have it all figured out is probably either lying or kidding themselves. Anyone that HAS actually got a real system in place will never claim to have all the answers but rather, has done sufficient work to have mapped a portion of their life.

So here you are right now, your life sucks and you’re dreaming about where you can afford to escape next and for how long. Sunday afternoons feel like a boa constrictor is strangling your insides because the weekend is done and Monday morning is about to slap you in the face.

You have zero energy and live constantly in a future of possibilities that never quite seem to materialize for you. Still think your life DOESN’T suck?

Now for the good news:

Remember when I said those of us that have done sufficient work have managed to map a portion of our lives? Well, when your sole mandate in life is to help other people step into a life of brilliant empowerment, then you document your map. You make notes. You write and rewrite it until it makes sense in a very easy to follow format.

This is exactly what Abundant Life Mastery is. It is a map that leads to connection.

So the BIG question on your mind is “How do we know it works?”

Honestly, what we (the founders of Hug Your Chaos) managed to document from our own journey brought us from clinical depression and addiction to a life of amazement on a daily basis. Since plotting the course on the map and showing it to others, we saw them too come from their own shadows, leaving behind demons and darkness to embrace their empowerment and brilliance.

It happened time and again!

I am DEFINITELY NOT saying that ours is the only system that works towards complete life empowerment (yes, I have been accused of that before by someone that became very defensive at my words in a previous article).

What I AM stating is that when your life sucks, you need some manner of system to break free from that. You need to find something that speaks to your heart and makes your heart feel happy again. Something that shows you HOW to be happy again. A plan that calls connection back into play in your life. I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote that Einstein was attributed with:

“No problem may be solved on the level at which it was created”.

Well friends, the cold hard kick of reality is that YOU created your own shit life. By that very reasoning, there is no way you are able to change that until you shift the level you are viewing from. THIS is what a system, a plan or a map does for you.

Hug Your Chaos was forged purely to create systems that teach people how to challenge their own mess. We wrote Abundant Life Mastery to show people how to reconnect to the most fundamental aspects of the world in which we live. Teaching others how to live at the same level of freedom that we enjoy daily is our passion. After all, we are ALL walking each other home.

And so here we are, you have the problems, we have a solution! Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me. When you’re ready to stop playing small, give up the victim role and step from your sucky life, contact us at Hug Your Chaos.

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