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It’s shadow season here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I must say, I’m extremely excited about this. You may be asking, “What does that have to do with my Root Chakra healing?“, and I’m happy to tell you.

First things first though.

Chakra work isn’t a New-Age fluffy-duffy thing to be played with. There’s serious energy at play within those energy centers known as chakras – it’s called Kundalini, and it is powerful stuff. So if you’re looking for an easy “love and light” rainbow filled path to healing, I’m not the one to listen to. Chakra work is real and it takes effort, energy, discipline, and dedication to embark on this multi-layered journey into the depths of who we are.

There’s my disclaimer.

If you want to know who I am to speak on such things, you can learn about me here and discover just how much working with and healing my chakras has empowered my life. I also cover this in depth in my new book Fractured: Healing From Addiction, Disease & Illness Through Energy Work. 

So what is chakra work?

Like yoga, chakra work is a journey into the self, through the self, to where you find the self. What this means is that we come to understand ourselves on so many different levels. It means that we begin to transcend the incessant need of humans when we are in an unbalanced state to have a fixed identity. We come to see that we are actually quite paradoxical in our true natures and that suppression of that in favor of a fixed identity is exactly what causes our suffering.

The “work” aspect simply means putting in effort and energy to explore a new realm of what makes us who and what we are. It means being committed to investing in yourself, be it in the form of time, money, or energy, in order to face yourself and grow. This can be in the form of meditation, yoga, crystal healing, self-reflection, therapy, or whatever it is that calls to you on your path.

What it doesn’t mean!

What it doesn’t mean is walking around saying, “I’m doing the work”, and then sitting around in your free time scrolling facebook, watching TV, reading novels, or continuing the same crappy patterns that feed your energy blocks.

root chakra healingIt means when you come to see and understand your unbalanced behaviors, you then make a choice to work towards healing and balancing them! All too often these days we see spiritual “teachers” who look great on screen, have lots of charisma and know exactly what to say to get you to follow them, yet behind the scenes, they live completely contradictory to what they preach. And yes, they are the very ones who would have you believe that chakra work is some simple easy thing that they are experts on.

My point is that you should use your discretion and listen to your gut and intuition when choosing a teacher, mentor, coach, or guru. That is all!

Now let’s get to that Root Chakra Healing! 

Signs you’re in need of some Root Chakra healing:

  • Feel spaced out and disconnected
  • Are fearful/anxious and don’t know why
  • Have major trust issues
  • Feel stuck/stagnant in life
  • Experience disharmony and difficulties with work or relationships
  • Have any unhealed traumas from a young age
  • Ancestral or past life traumas

That last one on the list is the kicker for why right now is the time for Root Chakra healing. The Veil is at its thinnest right now; this goes for both the North and South Hemispheres. It’s the easiest time of year to communicate with the spirits and energies of your physical ancestors, as well as your own past live energies.

Traumas that we carry from our ancestors and past lives get all blocked up in the Root Chakra. Something I read recently about this said it perfectly:

How does Root Chakra healing free us from ancestral trauma? 

The energy of the Root Chakra allows us to harness our courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It also forges a connection between us and the spiritual energies of our ancestors. this includes their challenges and their triumphs. Since the Root Chakra stores our ancestral/past life memories, basically everyone experiences challenges or blockages within Root Chakra. We’re essentially born with it! (Another topic I cover deeply in Fractured.)

War, famine, natural disasters and any events that threaten our basic survival are all recorded within energies of the Root Chakra. This includes the events our ancestors lived through or didn’t. For me personally, I know much of my family history, as well as my past life history, so I’m aware of a lot of the traumas I needed to heal. Others are still coming to light.

These memories are energetically imprinted in the subtle body at the level of the Root Chakra. They are then passed down from generation to generation where they create unconscious generational patterns. And now more than ever, it is our work to take responsibility for our own lives and bring to light that which is unconscious so we can release and heal these unconscious blocks.

That’s how we’re going to change the world. By healing ourselves.

So what are you waiting for? Get those Root Chakra crystals out and start working! And I invite you to join my facebook community here.

Much love & healing,
Linds Carricarte-Jones



Learn more about the chakra work I offer here. 

Learn more about my book ‘Fractured’. here. 

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Gloria · April 19, 2018 at 11:14 pm

Hello Linds : all my life, I have always felt adopted or not belonging to my family . I want to know who my ancestors are. By working with my root chakra, will I start getting signs of what nationslity I hail from? Please kettle he know thank you❤

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