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A few days ago I was sitting there and a knowing started to wash over me.

I started to realize that where I had come to in my life right now, was as far as I was going to get unless I changed something.

Don’t misunderstand me here, there is nothing wrong with where I have found myself.

I LOVE the self of my life.

But the reality that was starting to dawn on me was very strong, profound and abrupt all at once.

I remember a few years ago, I had taken a journey of self discovery. It was a wild time of deep self connection, inner work and by the end of it, I was immensely content. I knew that I could live out my days in this space, rarely being challenged by the obstacles that came my way.

But the reality of it was, I had found myself on a plateau. I had come as far as I could by and within myself. Somewhere within however, I knew that this wasn’t going to suffice, so I made an agreement with Grace… “send me forward along my path and I will walk whatever comes as best I can.”

It was literally a week later that I met my Twin Flame and now wife, Lindsay. To say that our journey has been one of immense challenges would be an understatement. The growth I have encountered courtesy of living in this relationship has been exponential.

Although I am not yet at any state of mastery, I have gained phenomenal insight into my mental and emotional self. This is something that would have taken a great deal longer if I had not shared in this Divine union with my Twin.

What next?

So this brings me back to the other day. I began to have the realization that once again, something needed to change for me to step ahead. Again, don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly content within my life. Although I might not have attained complete mental and emotional mastery, I have gained massive control over my own inner landscape. At this point, I could sit contently and just continue to polish myself.

Yet somehow, somewhere within me I know this will not suffice. And so once again, I make an agreement with Grace… “send me forward along my path and I will walk whatever comes as best I can”.

With this agreement, I come to understand something that has eluded me thus far. The body does not have to be surrendered. We can accelerate its vibration to such a point that it can come with us as we progress along the vibrational spectrum.

The body DOES NOT have to be surrendered.

Because so many people believe that they ARE their body, they give death so much power. And yet, I have discovered through my journeying and Shamanic work that even when we dissolve into spirit, the body has the ability to remain unharmed. It is far stronger and more flexible than we give it credit for.

An awareness that I have come to cultivate in recent times is that the master switch which activates the next step in our evolution is already within us. We don’t need to seek outwardly to become anything, because we are already everything. The big question facing me now is, how do we activate that switch? Meditation alone wasn’t doing it or else everyone that spent hours a day meditating would all have done so by now.

I kept asking the question: What was the one thing that was not only basic to our survival, but the very anchor to the physical world?

The answer that kept returning to me was “food”.

We have the ability to control ourselves completely. But first we must completely surrender our status as a slave to the physical body’s needs.

Control the physical cravings and you control the physical. And so, with this in mind, I have started walking this road as best I can. I don’t know what lay ahead for me, but I will do what I can with what comes, embracing the journey as I walk it as best I can.

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