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There are many things that walking this challenging Path has taught me about myself and about life.

Although not all of it flows perfectly (or perhaps it does, who am I to judge) I would like to take a moment and share a small part of what I have discovered.

Please know…

This is MY truth only. It is applicable purely from where I stand. Although it may be helpful to you, it won’t necessarily be true for you.

Having said that, this would have been worth its weight in gold for me 10 years ago!

Trust the uncertainty. Nothing is promised and the experience of life ends at any given moment. You MUST eventually find a way to be at peace with that!

Paradox is actually your friend. Although it may drive you crazy trying to figure it out, ALL paradoxes are eventually self correcting. When they have reconciled themselves, all that remains is the truth at the heart of the matter!

YOU are the architect of your own version of reality. No one can fix you, save you, hurt you, destroy you, empower you, enliven you, love you, hate you, be anything for you or do anything to you unless YOU write it into your story!

You actually can safely miss a few meals and still function perfectly well.

EVERYONE is a guru. You can laugh at, dismiss or even become downright offended by this statement, but the truth is simple. You will journey a lot further if you remain open to learning from EVERYONE!

The natural world is a powerful teacher! As per the last truth, if you can find a way to learn from everything, you will grow beyond anything you ever imagined.

Everyone is walking a path that only they can see. When you choose to walk beside someone you have absolutely no place telling them they are heading in the wrong direction. Accordingly, no one may ever tell you that you are on the wrong path.

You CANNOT control anything but your own reactions. Once you have learned how to control your own reactions, you will find that you have absolutely no need to control anything at all!

You are NOT spiritual! That is a word, nothing more. No one is more spiritual than you and you are not more spiritual than anyone else. The nature that it is descriptive of is actually your TRUE nature.

When you judge someone or something, you are ACTUALLY judging yourself. Don’t see the link? (After all, you’re not an asshole that would act like THAT right?). The things you’re triggered by in other people or events are mirroring what you can see as potential within yourself.

The things that you’re triggered by in other people or events are actually the most powerful lessons you’ll ever be given. But the trick is, you need to be able to pull your head out far enough to accept them as lessons rather than merely triggers.

The ENTIRE Universe rests in balance. If you start using correspondences to leverage energy towards a particular result or outcome, it’s best to stay on that point of balance. When the Universe must restore unbalanced energy, it does so without care, concern or compassion. Don’t get caught in the middle of that shit.


You know what? We tend to take ourselves SO seriously. WAY too seriously. You know what’s funny? Heaps of shit, so lighten up!  In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do or do not do here. It doesn’t matter how many people know your name or how many people’s lives you touched. What matters is how much you enjoyed the journey.

After spending SO many of my years struggling, I have realized that it didn’t make me faster, stronger, wiser, more powerful or more Dumbledore than you! It made me tired. Period. Now, I laugh every single moment I can. I learn from everyone and everything that crosses my path. Accept, Love, Dance, Smile, and most of all… LIVE!

If you’re not living the exact life you want for yourself then I have a reality check for you:


When it’s time to stop dying slowly day by day, reach out and we’ll give you the manual for life that you forgot to collect on your way through the door of this place:

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