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The most glaring theme of this week’s full supermoon in Gemini is going to be communication! In this day and age of living in a digital world, we are very quickly forgetting how to actually communicate with one another.

So this is a good thing! Are you ready for the spotlight to shine on how, when, where, and why you communicate? Because guess what? Communication takes two people and the best thing we can do for ourselves and everyone in our lives is own up to our own faults in the areas of communication.

There’s A LOT going on this week in terms of the celestial activity that is affecting us…..we have Mercury Retrograde, full supermoon in Gemini, Jupiter Trine Neptune to name a few. So what does it all mean for you?

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All this action….

A supermoon is basically a full moon on steroids, and the energies are raging. December’s full supermoon in Gemini means we are in for an emotional night when we’ll be feeling all the chaos to the greatest degree possible. Especially our own chaos. Here’s what it could mean for you. 

Having a super full moon amplifies the energetic effects of a regular full moon. Full moons are a time to release, as they are a symbol of completion. Energetically it’s a time to of harvest; a time to pull up those emotional weeds that are clogging our gardens, and cut the cords on behaviors, habits, or relationships that no longer serving you on your path to highest good.

This means that there may be things that come to light during this time. Events that put an end to something. Remain open! This could be a relationship, a job you are stuck in but haven’t left out of fear, or something in another area of your life that just isn’t working or isn’t right for you. Just try to remain open to what occurs. Trust and have faith in the plan. When these events occur it may feel as if you’ve taken two steps forward and one step back, but in fact, you’re truly taking one step back and six steps forward. It may just not be obvious yet! 

Anything that a full moon ushers out of our lives is a sign of major growth to come. It’s creating space for the new! 

Approach this full supermoon in Gemini with humor

As Chani said perfectly,

With Mercury making a conjunction to Saturn, as it stations retrograde, during a week with a full moon in Gemini (one of the signs Mercury rules) that is in an exact square to Neptune, we can be sure that we are going to get some things wrong.

The questions that begs to be asked is what will you do with that? Will you own it? Will you blame the other party? Can you start to Hug Your Chaos and own the areas where you need to take responsibility for what’s showing up in your life?

The December super full moon falls within 24 hours of Mercury stationing retrograde plus Jupiter trine Neptune. While Mercury retrograde will only encourage more mischief, Jupiter trine Neptune brings faith and optimism. Read on to discover how to use the many positives of this spiritual aspect to overcome the hidden dangers of this deceptive full moon.

Astrology Hub says,

“Full Moons are all about emotions, and Gemini is anything but. A Gemini Full Moon demonstrates the emotional impact of words and information, whipping them up, working us up and reaching – sometimes piercing – the heart. This year has an air of unreality, of cotton surrounding the brain, of romance, magic, confusion, and deceit. It’s as if we’re at a party, with a fog machine running and novelty glasses with the rose-colored lens being handed out as favors.”

Now, what about that Mercury Retrograde?

When Mercury, who according to astrologers is the messenger of the Gods, goes backwards as it appears to do when retrograde, things we’ve buried, deep, deep inside are bound to come up. Rather than hide from your own internal truths, you need to face them. This is where the chaos hugging comes in.

The best thing we can do for our own personal evolution is to face our inner truths. We may be avoiding these inner truths for any number of reasons. It may be fear, pain, regret, guilt, shame, sadness, or a lack of confidence in our own ability to face them. Shadow work time anyone?

If you’re ready to dig deep and would like some guidance in doing this work then we invite you to join us in the Hug Your Chaos facebook group! 


Author: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

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