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Are you wondering why your intention setting just doesn’t seem to manifest? Read on!

Somewhere in the back of our heads, we all believe that we should be able to create anything we want in life through a simple intention setting practice. We watch as people around us manifest everything their heart’s desire and we can’t help but feel as though we should be able to do the same.

It’s like we inherently know somewhere within us we do have the power for intention setting that works.

But where is it?

We set intentions around what we wish to create in our lives, but we can’t quite seem to make it appear. We wonder why. Often we end up falling into a state of, “woe is me, I must just be unlucky.”

This mindset is wrought with errors. It reeks of outdated programming as well as a quitter mentality. And this is exactly why we can’t successfully create what it is we are seeking to manifest. We are sabotaging our intention setting on a deep subconscious level.

There may be many reasons why we do this, but it will usually come down to a core belief we carry deep down within the depths of the subconscious mind. A belief that was given to us before we were even cognizant of what we were taking in. The belief may center around worthiness, possibility, ability, or any other ideas related to your ability and worth. Only you can truly uncover what yours are. I’m just here to guide you through the process.

However…if you want help with uncovering and rewriting your beliefs that are blocking you, then I highly suggest you join us in our facebook community:

The trouble with your intention setting

If you’re having trouble manifesting in your life it most likely comes down to two things: Belief and action. On a deep subconscious level do you believe it’s even possible for you to have what you seek? Or is some pesky belief still stored away in there, blocking you from having what you are meant to have or seek to create? It’s easy enough to say, “Yes, I believe it’s possible for me to be a millionaire,” however, if deep within you is still some wacky belief surrounding money, you’re never going to create that reality!

The belief is blocking you just like the part of the iceberg under the water sunk Titanic. It’s always what’s underneath the surface that f*cks us. Trust me….that’s the whole reason Hug Your Chaos was born – to shine a light on all the stuff that we try to ignore that ends up sinking us time after time after time. These areas that we ignore end up creating massive energetic blocks within us that will work to block the very things we seek to create for ourselves.

But only until we learn the lesson and face what we don’t want to see. Only then can we clear ourselves of that pesky self-limiting pattern and replace it with something new. Belief systems CAN be changed. I’m living proof of that.

Now, what about that action part of intention setting?

Yep. The action is the other important thing. I remember when I first started intention setting and manifestation work, I would buy lottery tickets and intend to win. I was going to become rich! What it took me a minute to learn was that manifestation doesn’t work that way. It’s not so easy. We don’t get to just say, “I’m going to win the lotto today,” and poof it happens. That’s the problem with many “Law of Attraction” and “Manifestation” coaches out there these days…..they teach that attraction is this easy thing without ever teaching you that you have to dig in deep and sometimes find what’s blocking you.

We do have to work for what we seek to create. We have to take some actions based on trust and faith in the Universe. Or God. Whatever you prefer. (Side note: If you don’t believe in some universal power other than your own limited human mind, you can forget about manifestation work now.)

What does it mean to take action?

It means that once you’ve set an intention to create something in your life, you back it up by reprogramming your mind to believe it’s already yours. How do you do this? ACTION!

For example, when my husband and I (you can read about us here if interested) decided we wanted to quit our day jobs, buy an RV, tour the country, and live like nomads for a while, it all started with a discussion where we decided we wanted that life. Then, we sat down and did a major New Moon intention setting manifestation ritual. We got crystal clear on what we wanted and we acted in accordance with people who have that. For instance, you can’t just set intentions around “happiness” or “love”. You must get clear on what that happiness or love LOOKS and FEELS like!

What we didn’t do.

We didn’t say, “We’ll start looking for RV’s WHEN we have X amount of money. No. We started looking for RV’s that week. We did massive work around changing our inner narratives and word choice. And we held each other accountable. When we spoke we didn’t say “if,” we said “when.” Three months later we had our RV, we were giving up our apartment, and putting in notice at our jobs before w really even knew how we were going to make it work. Was it scary? Yes. But we went with it anyway. That’s the key.

We didn’t make excuses as to why we couldn’t do it. We made a decision and we rolled with it. Outwardly it looks easy to those watching. Don’t fool yourself. The grass is always greener. It always looks easy for everyone else and we tell ourselves it will be too hard for us. That’s just perception and it will continue to sabotage you quicker than anything.

It comes down to two simple things!

Belief and action.

While these are very simple, they are not so easy to reprogram. This is because we often can’t find the problems and blocks within our own mind. How can we when we’re the ones who created the problems and blocks in the first place! It’s like fighting fire with fire. The mind is powerful. It can trick us into looking right past those pesky little beliefs it wants to hold onto because it’s SCARED!

My mentor always says that the mind is like an oven and whatever you put into it is what you’re going to get back out – well baked. So you need to ask yourself, what are you putting in your oven that you don’t even realize is going in there?

When we aren’t manifesting what we want in life it isn’t anyone’s fault but our own. I learned that the hard way. Take responsibility for your reality and watch the magic flow! We can help! If you want to learn more about reprogramming the inner narrative, I invite you to our private facebook group here.

If I can tell you anything today, know this: it is possible to change anything in your life. I promise. I’m a living example! Come and meet us. And if you’re really serious about empowering your life, we offer a free workshop presentation on living your most abundant life here:


Author: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones
Image: Advanced Life Skills

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