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Happy New Year! Today, January 1st, 2018 swings into gear with a Full Wolf Super Moon in the sign of Cancer. What a way to ring in the new year – with a full power moon that is all about release and healing. This Full Wolf Super Moon will be helping us bring closure to the crazy energy of December 2017, and will be guiding us to the theme for the year ahead.

Falling on the 1st-2nd of January, the Full Wolf Supermoon Moon in the sign of Cancer is extremely sensitive and intuitive. It will be beckoning each one of us to take a deeper look at the health of our mind, body, and spirit.

The energy of the January Full Wolf Super Moon

“We begin 2018 with a *FULL MOON* in Cancer reminding us of our home within. Our inner Mother awaits us, ready to bathe us in the nurturance of our inner waters.
This is where it all begins… This is the place out of which all of creation emerges.
What a potent way to begin our New Year, with the Remembrance that we can always return home, to our Center, to be cradled within the within.”   ~Mystic Mamma

The January Full Wolf Moon is exceptionally potent, so it is likely that whatever needs your attention is going to be revealed to you in a clear and distinct way. There is no guesswork when it comes to this Full Moon, so trust whatever signs come your way and be open to following your feelings. Where in your life are you listening to and honoring your intuition and higher guidance? Where are you allowing yourself to be distracted, derailed, and pulled off of your path by the drama and chaos of the physical world?

We are reminded, at this time, that if we do not deal with the past it comes forward with us into new cycles and recapitulates itself over and over again. Thus we see repeats of the same old patterns and lessons showing up disguised as a new person, place, or event in our lives.

The power of change

We can talk about changing until we are blue in the face. But on the other hand, we can then turn around and make excuses that prevent us from taking the actions towards effecting those changes. The bottom line is that when we are truly ready to change, dealing with the past becomes the key to a transformed future. And we become willing to deal with the things we once ran from.
The Full Wolf Super Moon makes some intense aspects as well as some harmonious ones; once again speaking to the dualistic energies present right as we start a brand new year. The paradoxical nature of the dualistic world we live in is always present. And the sooner we make peace with the paradox, the happier we can live.
“With the Saturn, the Lord of Karma, the fierce Dark Feminine and the Lord of the Underworld all opposite the Full Moon we have some big energies unearthing upheaval, fears, and deep unresolved karmic threads. Perfect for our deep healing work! Mystic Mamma also says, “This Full Moon starts to bring to Light just what needs to die, end, transform or shift in some radical way in the structures, foundations and old paradigms that keep playing out in your life (personally and collectively).”

Maximize your own healing

It’s time to take charge of your life and what you are creating. It’s time to stare the shadows right in the face and get honest with yourself if you are serious about harnessing the potent energies that are unfolding across the cosmos right now.

Do you want a repeat of 2017? Or are you truly ready to empower your life? If you are, start with these 5 questions to really shine a bright light on where in your life you are blocking yourself.

  1. What am I avoiding in my life and why?
  2. Where in my life am I currently I operating from fear? Why?
  3. What do I want to create and attract into my life in 2018? Do I believe it’s possible? Why or why not.
  4. What actions am I taking TOWARDS these goals? What actions move me away from these goals?
  5. Do I believe that I am worthy of being abundant, wealthy, and prosperous in 2018? Do my actions align with this belief?

What does it all mean?

Are you sitting back waiting for someone to come and pick you? Are you waiting for life to give you the perfect set of ideal circumstances to create what it is your heart desires? If so, you’re losing valuable times. The conditions will never be ideal. No one is coming to save us or to do any of the work for us.

We must be our own hero now. Like The Fool in the deck of Tarot, we represent endless possibility, beginnings, foolishness, and potential. We stand here at a precipice of infinite choices Every move we make is a choice and with each one we make, we either move closer to our ideal or further from it.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start living? After you’ve answered the questions above for yourself, create a list of what blocks you. What you are DONE with. Then burn it or bury it in the Earth for release. And if you want to take your work even deeper, come and join our facebook community for access to a Full Moo releasing ritual later tonight. And if you’re feeling really bold, share your answers with us in the group space and allow us to prompt you to go even deeper!

Hope to see you on the inside!

Blessed be.


Author: Linds Carricarte-Jones
Image: Conscious Reminder

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