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The Capricorn New Moon is coming up on January 16th and a powerful question to ask yourself over this New Moon is: How can I take responsibility for myself and my life and where I want to be right now? 

At the time of this Capricorn New Moon, there will be a party in the sign of Capricorn as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are all hanging out in this sign alongside our New Moon. This rare alignment is known as a stellium.

This line-up of planet indicates that this New Moon is going to bring a lot of earthy Capricorn energy for all of us to play with. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which means that it holds the energy of leadership, hard work, determination, and groundedness.

What does Capricorn New Moon mean for you?

This is a time for progress, success, and action. Harness the practical energy of Capricorn to get clear on what you want and how to get there. The energy of the heavens will support you but you’ve got to show up too. So all of those big, outside the box ideas that came to you courtesy of the Sagittarian influence of the last 30 days can now be brought to manifestation by harnessing the structure and order of Saturn in Capricorn – its home sign!

It also means it’s time for some work! No more lounging about, it’s time to get serious about what we want! Personally, I like just how Sunny Cimarron summed up this Capricorn New Moon:

“This moon starts a six-month cycle of growth around all things Capricorn. There is so much powerful potential around this moon as it will be joining the stellium, with a whopping SIX celestial bodies in the sign of Capricorn : Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, + Pluto. Work, work, work, work, work, work. Even if you don’t “work”, it applies. There is always work to be done. Look to where Capricorn falls in your chart for clues as to where the work is.” 

One more thing…

This is one of the few times this year that we have no planets in retrograde, so what are you waiting for? New Moon energy is perfect for setting intentions that you will take action to create in the coming days ahead. I know it can be harsh coming back to the reality and practicality of Capricorn, but trust me, it is for our highest good and growth. Life is on your side, regardless of how it may feel sometimes. The key is to keep taking action especially when it doesn’t feel like it.

To further illustrate just how supported we are right now, I will refer to Vedic astrologer Kari Field:

“In Vedic astrology the Capricorn new moon falls in the area of the sky known as of Uttara Ashadha. Symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, Uttara Ashadha is connected to the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha, who is revered as the “Remover of Obstacles.” Uttara Ashadhais the star of “unstoppable victory.” Stubborn negative forces that hold us to unwanted patterns can be cast aside under Uttara Ashadha. It is said that this star will never accept defeat.”

How much more perfect than that can we get for supportive energy? If you aren’t familiar with Ganehsa, he is known as the remover of obstacles in the Hindu pantheon. Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha may be called upon to when we need help clearing the path forward. So what excuses are you still making?

How can we harness the Capricorn New Moon?

  • Create a ritual
  • Light a candle (bonus points for choosing a color that corresponds to your intention!)
  • Sit in focused meditation
  • Work with crystals
  • Write out a focused list of what you seek to create and bury it in the Earth
  • Ask yourself “What do I really want?” “Where am I holding myself back?”

Capricorn New Moon Mantras

  1. I can and I will. Watch me! I embrace this practical energy and will allow it to work in my favor. 
  2. I am good enough as I am, and do not need anyone’s approval.
  3. I release my struggle with life. I am supported!
  4. It is safe for me to trust. I am open to the divine possibility that awaits me.
  5. I choose to manifest with conscious integrity. I embrace my power as a creator of my reality. 

The bottom line is this: we can set intentions all day long and read astrology until we’re blue in the face. But if we aren’t taking any ACTION than we will continue to stay exactly where we are. The cosmic energies support us but they aren’t going to do the work for us.

So that leaves only one question… Are you ready to live your best life?

If so, set those intentions and get to work!

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Much love and blessed be!  ~Lindsay


Image Cred:  Cosmo Botanicals

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