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Twin Flames.

I’ve noticed there’s pretty much one of two views people have when it comes to this topic:

People either see as either spiritual new age mumbo-jumbo or spend their life searching for it!

If you had asked me even as recently as a couple of years ago what a Twin Flame was, I would have told you that it might have something to do with a double wick candle.

The irony is, not only had I never heard the term; if I had known what it meant, I could I would have laughed at the concept.

Let’s backtrack a little.

I have always loved the idea of being in love. My entire life I have wanted to be in the perfect relationship. One of those special, exclusive, perfect little things that you see in movies. (I LOVE romantic comedies…)

You know the ones right? Where despite the guy acting like a foolish ass and doing something REALLY stupid and cringe-worthy, the girl ultimately loves him madly and eventually takes him back.

I remember as a young boy, wishing away my years in my mind. All because I wanted to arrive at the age where I could have a girlfriend. I also remember feeling how much affection I would have for said girlfriend.

In hindsight, I can see now that such an urge was for me to fill a hole that was blown through my life at a very early age by the betrayal of someone quite close to me. I had no way of giving such a degree of love to myself, therefore I craved it from an external source.

Now, I’ve come to understand things differently. After years of ruining my relationships and the resulting self-work that such a thing thrust me into, I enter the Twin Flame dynamic.

If all relationships are tough, then Conscious or Twin Flame relationships are impossibly tough at times. Although there are definitive stages once you enter into the relationship, the important thing to remember is this: It’s not that a Twin Flame relationship isn’t available to you before you’ve done sufficient work within yourself…

It’s that without having done the work and having prepared yourself to stand in that space, you either won’t recognize that you are in a Twin Flame relationship at all, or you will recognize it and will run from it very quickly.

So what exactly is a Twin Flame Relationship?

In order to answer this question, I’m going to start by explaining what they are NOT. There are many misconceptions about what a Twin Flame relationship actually is. You may have read that it is an evolution or a ‘step up’ from the Soul Mate dynamic. Perhaps you’ve heard that it is a single soul that has been split in half and placed into two bodies so as to “find” one another and rejoin the soul to a state of blissful completion. In reality, a Twin Flame is neither of these things.

Firstly, Soulmates are a beautiful connection of souls in the physical “reality” that recognize one another as being from the same ‘Soul Tribe’. Soulmate relationships generally have karmic ties and bonds, and often transcend physical lifetimes shared here on Earth.

Although they will still have the struggles associated with ALL earthly relationships, they are a deeply beautiful. A connected experience that has evolutionary and healing lessons attached. It’s important to note that these are not always romantic and can even transcend species.

I have personally been soul brothers with a dog named Jack that shared my path for some time.

Twin Flames are also NOT two halves of a soul returning to each other in order to become whole again. Although this is a popular line of thought, to my understanding it is inaccurate. A Twin Flame dynamic occurs within an evolutionarily advanced soul. Not only must a soul be well and truly complete before experiencing the encounter, in order for the dynamic to be present at all, it must be in its final incarnation on Earth.

The reason for this is simple and leads us to what a Twin Flame actually is. The very dynamic of the Twin Flame is that of a single soul which has managed to incarnate twice, at the same time within a single lifetime.

Due to the physical distances that often initially exist between the Twin Flame couple, not only must the soul be able to bi-incarnate, it must also be able to bi-locate in order to achieve this. Such a dynamic can only be achieved by a soul that has the ability to carry an understanding through the veil of illusionary “reality”. That both duality and Space/Time are illusions that can (and must if the relationship is to be successful) be transcended.

Why is it even a thing now?

This now leads us to the ‘why’ of the Twin Flame dynamic. Imagine that this density of illusionary “reality” has become appealing. So much so that energy is having a challenging time increasing its vibration so as to make its way back towards Source. We are becoming stuck in the game and because there is no longer an eternal slowing and increasing of vibration as was always the plan, balance is slowly being lost.

As a tool to help free up this stuck energy, souls that have sufficiently increased their vibration are doubling up their presence and effort, so as to help the human race increase vibration too.

This is done by a single soul manifesting itself twice in the same lifetime. Now, instead of there being one high vibrational being per soul on Earth, in many cases, there are two. Merely having two beings vibrating at this rate is a powerful thing in and of itself. But the real power of the Twin Flame comes when the two connect and recognize what they are, and why they are here!

This connection, when manifested in a physical 3rd dimension, also has the ability to inspire and uplift others.

Now that I’ve covered what, in the next article I’ll go in-depth as to why.

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Chrissy · March 6, 2018 at 1:52 pm

This is very interesting take on twinflame

    Chris Jones · March 7, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    Thanks Chrissy,

    I’m just about to publish part 2 and 3 of the same topic.

    This is the understanding that has come to Linds and I as part of our journey into the Twin Flame dynamic.
    It often tends to rub people the wrong way, because it takes away that “special” edge to it that many people crave. Ultimately, whether it’s accurate or not doesn’t really matter to us. We’re not attached to the label and are just here to contribute in the best ways we can. <3

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