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The truth is an elephant!

We are all blind and standing around the truth, feeling it with our hands.

When you say that the truth is like a snake; long and thin, you are correct. You are correct because you are standing in front, feeling the trunk of the elephant.

When you state that the truth is like a tree; rough, solid and round, you are also correct. You are at the side feeling the leg of the elephant.

The person that states the truth is a bar of steel; long, smooth and hard is correct too. They are holding the tusks.

The point I’m making is this: We argue with each other over what the truth is, yet each of us can only see it from where we stand. We are ALL correct in what we state, yet we are also ALL incomplete in it too. Our limited human perception simply does not allow for us to see that we are standing in front of an elephant.

Having walked the Path a great many times and having felt the trunk, the legs, the tail, the tusks, we might be able to say “YES! I can now see through many experiences that this is an elephant, not a tree or a snake or a bar of steel. It all adds up.”

Too often we stand in our incomplete, subjective point of view and fight for it. We wake up from watching our TV, or from our addictions, or from our depression. We realize that we are standing in a room holding an aspect of the truth. In doing so, we believe we have found the entire truth and fight hard against anyone else’s point of view. As long as we are fighting one another over what we perceive to be true, we are still standing with only fragments of the truth.

I’m going to let you in on a little fact:

If you are fighting for your viewpoint, then your point of view is incomplete truth!

How can I state this?

Reality check friends:

Once you KNOW that you are standing in front of the entire elephant, you simply have no need to argue with someone stating they are standing in front of a snake, or a tree, or a bar of steel. You have already held the trunk and know that when someone is stating the truth is like a snake; long and thin, they are correct. You have already been at the side and know that anyone saying the truth is like a tree; rough, solid and round, is also accurate. Because there is memory of having stood at the front and holding the tusks, you know that anyone stating the truth is a bar of steel; long, smooth and hard is also correct.

You KNOW what others are experiencing because of their description of the truth and are at peace with the understanding that they are yet to gather enough experience to behold the entire elephant.

By the time someone arrives at this point, there is no need to prove anything, no need for judgement. To openly state, “Oh, you’re SO far behind me because you believe the truth to be a snake” is to operate from a place of overbearing ego.

The reality is, we return to this Path time and again for a very particular reason.

It’s not because it’s easy!

It has nothing to do with enjoyment. We certainly don’t choose to live the way we live surrounded by a world of pleasure because it’s fun. We present ourselves to the fire and allow ourselves to be burned again and again.

For us, we KNOW the truth of our own nature. We feel it buried deep within our humanness. We know that our own fire is but a spark of the Divine from which we originally came. There’s a yearning to understand the truth and to stand in that truth. We know that we exist beyond comparison and judgement. Each time we come to a place of recognizing the truth is more than what we currently behold, we change positions to observe it from a greater viewpoint.

Each time we KNOW the full elephant and pass judgement on another because they only see the tree or the snake, we put ourselves back into the fire so that we can draw a little closer to our own Divine nature.

The truth is an elephant.

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