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Alright, seekers of healing and alignment, aka Chaos Huggers, we’ve got a super potent Cancer New Moon all wrapped up with a partial solar eclipse, Friday the 13th, and like 6 planets going retrograde…

What you gonna do?

This isn’t going to be your typical astrology blog, FYI. If you’re looking for something fluffy in the hopes that it’s going to give you all the answers and help you feel good, this isn’t it. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I write for those who want to actually USE the energy to do some WORK on themselves to keep moving towards the best version of beautiful YOU that exists. The you that is full of sparkle, shine, and all of your gifts, who isn’t afraid to take up space, be seen, and be amazing!

That you. Because I KNOW she/he is in there just waiting to burst forth in all of her/his authentic glory.

If that sounds like you, keep on reading!

First and foremost, the moon in all of her dark, beautiful newness on Thursday, is entirely at home in Cancer. The Crab is ruled by the moon, and that’s what makes this New Moon a mighty time to do some Sacral Chakra healing.

Let’s talk about why that is. 

If you are not familiar with moon phases or moon energy, New Moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle. Each month has a full 28-day lunar cycle from New to Full and back around to New again. And so, when the moon is dark, it is believed that it is a powerful time for introspection and revealing that which is hidden. Keep in mind this Cancer New Moon is also a Supermoon (meaning it’s one of the closest moons to the Earth of the year), and we have some partial solar eclipse energy in the mix. So we’ve got mega focus on the darkness.

As the Moon Woman perfectly put it:

“Cancer is ruled by the moon, so this new moon may drop us in some of our more profound emotions to confront how we really feel about a situation…especially around home & family, the domains which Cancer governs.

Be mindful that the lead up to new moon can elicit the shadow side of the new moon sign.

Shadow Cancer can seek emotional closeness to feel needed which can cause others to feel emotionally manipulated & smothered. Or living in the past through nostalgia to avoid dealing with present challenges & opportunities asking us to grow. “

But what about the Sacral Chakra? 

Well… the Moon also rules the Sacral Chakra, which in turn is the seat of our creativity, emotions, passion, AND our duality – the balance between Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine, Darkness & Light. When we look at the tough outer shell of Cancer and sensitive, soft inside just like a crab, we can see how that very energy aligns with what the Sacral Chakra helps us with in life. And let’s not forget that the element of the Sacral Chakra is water, Cancer is a water sign, and the Moon rules water.

So, Cancer New Moon = bring on the emotions!

The Sacral is the second of the seven primary energy centers known as chakras. Chakra translates as ‘disc’ or ‘wheel.’ In a nutshell (or a crab shell?) the chakras are centers of information. If you could imagine that you have these seven prime energetic centers that hold all sorts of information and programming that relate to how you function in the world.  I dare say that many people on Earth right now suffer from an imbalance in the Sacral Chakra, This is a result of hundreds of years of Masculine and Feminine trauma being carried through the generations plus your own trauma from this life surrounding anything emotional or sexual.

So don’t worry. You’re not alone!

The Collective needs a massive sacral Chakra healing as do many of us as individuals. Shit…in the spirit of keeping it real (like we do here at Hug Your Chaos) I will be the first to admit that I’ve been working directly with my chakras for four years now and I’m STILL uncovering buried blocks at the Sacral level. I don’t say that to scare you, I share it to let you know you are not alone. And also that it is okay to be human, flawed, messy, and emotional. Read more about the Sacral Chakra in detail here.

Keep in mind that Mars is already retrograde, so that’s forcing us to slow down and go within even more. All that being said, you might as well just surrender!! Don’t resist, because that’s what creates the suffering. When we let go and allow the process to unfold, we find that it actually feels better than we could have ever imagined! So what if there’s some ugly crying, pints of non-dairy ice cream in bed, Lifetime movies, and raw cookie dough.

Seriously. Cut yourself some slack. 

You are a human. We weren’t designed for running around emotionless, not a hair out of place, smiling and having it all together all of the time. It’s supposed to be messy and crazy, with ripped tights and smeared make-up. Shit, things like that represented some of the best nights of my life back in the day!

The last thing I want to mention is the phrase “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”

I say this because it is why we look to the heavens for guidance. What’s going on up there is mirroring what’s going on here, just like what’s going on inside of us is reflecting the bigger picture as a whole. Collectively, we have a lot of work to do, especially in the areas of getting back in touch with and honoring our flawed humanness. Individually, this may look a little different for each of us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t all have the work to do!

I mention this as a push because I’ve come to notice that many people cling to astrology as an explanation or an excuse. “Oh the moon is full, that’s why I feel crazy….” or “Grrr Mars is retrograde, and nothing is working out!” but they then leave it at that instead of LOOKING FOR THE LESSONS and the HEALING that is there. We can begin using the energies of the cosmos and the guide us in where we need to focus individually!

So how do we heal? 

My personal go-to practices for healing include journaling, reflecting, inner contemplation in meditation, yoga, and breathwork. You can join us for a New Moon releasing ritual if you’d like! (details below). The main idea behind healing is that we have to come face to face with the emotions we’ve been running from and then we have to process them and release them. Connect with the water if you can, especially the ocean. Be present, give yourself permission to heal, and let yourself RELEASE!

Here are some journal prompts:

  • Who am I on the deepest of levels?  What is my truth?
  • How do I FEEL about my life?
  • When I do __________ I feel sensual, beautiful, and fluid.
  • What are my beliefs around emotions?
  • What am I hiding from or avoiding in life? What do I need to release?
  • What are my beliefs around feeling pain and anything unpleasant in life?

If this is something that interests you, I cordially invite you to come and hang out with the rest of the #ChaosHuggers in our facebook communities. You can find those here:



I hope to see you there because guiding others in their empowerment is what I am here to do!

Blessed Be, beautiful souls! Happy New Moon.

All the love, 
XO, Linds 

PS – If you LOVED this, please share it! And I’d like to extend an extra special invite to the HYC membership network where we do monthly healing and intentions setting circles on the New and Full Moons! So if you want more magic, support, and community in your life, come and join us! Find us here: www.chaoshuggers.com



Author: Linds Carricarte-Jones
Image: Forever Conscious 

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