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There I was, minding my own business and making my rounds through the solar system when it was time for my retrograde. And that’s when it happened. “Oh my God, it’s Mercury Retrograde!”

Cue all hell breaking loose in the minds of many humans. And all the fingers are now pointing at yours truly.

Insert Mercury as the scapegoat for anything and everything that goes wrong in your life. Since when am I this evil planet set on ruining the lives of humans?

Listen up, everyone, how would you feel if you got blamed for everyone’s problems all across the galaxy?

Mercury has asked that collectively, as humans, we get our shit together. Good old Merc is done taking the slack for your inability as a human to take your personal power back in life. And this is for a few reasons….First and foremost, Mercury REALLY wants you to know that there are actually FOUR other planets currently in retrograde right now too. And some of those planets are probably actually triggering you much more deeply than poor Mercury has the power to.

The funny thing is, that NONE of the planets actually have any power over your life, except the power YOU are giving them. Gasp. I know.

But wait!

Stay with me before you mutter an insult under your breath and click that x button to leave this blog. Keep reading if you dare!

I am a firm believer in “As Above So Below, As Within So Without.” And what that means to me is that, yes, what’s going on in the cosmos absolutely effects the energies and events going on down here on Earth. But all of these energies happen for a reason. And it’s not because the Universe is picking on you, but we will come back to that in a moment.

If you’ve actually been tapping into the cosmic weather and preparing yourself for it, then you might know what I’m about to say next!

Did anyone think I would say that the cosmic weather just might not “ruin everything” after all? That perhaps if you are doing the deep inner work around your triggers, unhealed wounds, karmic releasing, and shadows that the Universe has been gently nudging us towards since last summer’s Great America Eclipse, you just might not be in utter upheaval right now?

Although to be honest, even with doing the work, it’s been a challenging month. But I can only imagine how much harder it must be coming into unprepared with your blinders on like being dropped off on Mt. Everest in flip flops and a bikini.

No thanks.

So, what Mercury asks is that perhaps we all stop and learn about the larger energies at play, as well as the other planets in retrograde so that instead of jumping on the Blame Mercury bandwagon, we could actually sort out how each planet is actually affecting US as INDIVIDUALS based on our own natal chart placements? I’m actually willing to bet that most of what’s serving you up a big plate of challenges isn’t even Mercury’s big slow down, it’s that pesky Mars and Saturn combo. Or the Chiron activity. And let’snot forget Neptune mixed with some solar eclipse weather.

Really though, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Mercury are all retrograde right now. And Mercury just went retrograde like a week ago. Saturn has been there for months and Mars for the bulk of the summer so far.  Yet everyone wants to just blame Mercury because “Mercury Retrograde” is the new buzzword to throw around in the woke ultra spiritual Lululemon elite yoga culture that seems to be blossoming everywhere.


Ok, that was judgy, I’ll own that. But you know what? I don’t care anymore! Because I don’t want to be your friend, I want to light a fire of determination under your ass because I love all of you. I want to piss you off because maybe it will motivate you to go and learn something that shows you that you have the ultimate power in your life!

Why we need to stop blaming Mercury Retrograde

Let me explain that blaming Mercury for everything that gets fucked up in your life right now is akin to going to Mexico and running around yelling “mariposa” to everyone you see because it’s the only Spanish word you know but because you’re in a Spanish speaking country everyone should understand you with your one word. Sounds kind of ridiculous, right?

We’re all adults here and it’s high time we start to collectively move towards a place of personal responsibility for what we are bringing to the party. Not doing your own inner work is like showing up to a party with dogshit on your shoe and then complaining about the smell and blaming everyone else for the poo smell. Does anyone really want to be that guy?

I know I don’t!

I want to help create the world that I imagine we can have. And I understand that in order to do that I have to get my own house in order. All of it. What this means is that instead of complaining about violence and aggression, I turn my gaze within and sort out any unhealed trauma within me and I accept that as a human, I have an inherent potential to be violent just like I have an inherent potential to be peaceful. This isn’t to say I’m going out to kill anyone tomorrow but we MUST stop denying the potential for all of these things we deem unlovable, shameful, shadowy, bad, wrong, or whatever.

They exist. It all exists within every single one of us.

Last time I checked Mother Theresa wasn’t here reading blogs, nor was Jesus. So it’s safe to say that you got some darkness in there too. But you know what? If they were they’d be telling me, ‘”Amen, sister! Preach!” Because I can almost promise that all of them –  our gurus, Ascended Masters, saints, and bodhisattvas – made peace with a VERY POWERFUL human truth. The fact that we ALL have the infinite potential for darkness and light within us.

If you are capable of love, you are capable of fear/hate.

If you are capable of good, you are capable of bad.

If you are capable of kindness, you are capable of meanness.

If you are capable of generosity, you are capable of greed.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

That’s the duality of being human. That’s the paradox of this life.

So why does it trigger you?

It triggers you because you have deemed that potential part of yourself absolutely unacceptable that when you see it being displayed on a mass scale in front of you, you rail against the very thought of it. Now, before you get all defensive and start yelling about how you would never kick a puppy or hurt a child. That’s not what I’m saying. It’s not the exact horrifying behavior that I am telling you that you carry a potential for. The specifics don’t matter. It’s the overall trait or action that we deem repugnant, aka violence, aggression, abuse, hate, bigotry, greed, fear.

For instance, I know that I would not actually go out and physically hurt someone, especially not a helpless animal or child and so I mean the same for you. But just because we wouldn’t do the specific thing doesn’t mean that we don’t carry a seed of potential to be violent or cause harm to another living thing. Of course we do. We all do. We just don’t consciously choose that road.

However, I beg you, consider this. What about all of the pain caused by our choices and actions that we know nothing about? What about the children being forced to work 14 hours a day for $1 a day to sew clothing in sweatshops across SE Asia so that we can have the cheap and designer clothing that we need to have in America? What about the endless species of animals that we put out of their habitats so we can have oil, wood, coconut oil to name a few? And if you’re not vegan than I definitely don’t want to hear you getting righteous over any animal abuse. Because who are you to pick which animals deserve not to suffer? Those cows and pigs you want to eat suffer just as deeply as that poor puppy you are infuriated over.

EEEEK! I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m begging you to start doing your part.

Trust me, I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. But we all must if we want to shift the world.

The cosmos are begging us to SLOW DOWN. To REst. REassess. REvamp. REstyle. REjuvenate. REstore. REduce. REinvent. That’s what REtrogrades are all about. To find what isn’t working. And what isn’t working is our inability to take responsibility for the poo we’re bringing to the party!

So if the Universe isn’t picking on you, guess what that means?

You actually have more power in your life than you thought!

You have the power at any given moment like right now, to start doing your work! Mars and Saturn are slowing us down and asking us to reflect on what isn’t working and what isn’t working is all of this bullshit spiritual bypassing, love and lighting, and blaming that we’ve been doing for way too long now. And you can bet that if you’re still plowing along mindlessly and self-centered, not reflecting or taking responsibility for the shit on your shoe, Mars has probably been throwing a wrench in your plans all summer.

We have an opportunity for revolution and Neptune is here to back us up. So it’s go time. I’ve been hearing the talk about the new world everyone wants, You guys like to call it 5-D right?  Well, Daddy Saturn has a message for you all:

It’s gotta start WITHIN. So how bad do you want the love, peace, and abundance of the idea of 5-D? Do you want it bad enough to stop blaming Mercury and get off your energetic ass and do your own work? This can’t be same day shipped from Amazon and it can’t be Googled. Alexa can’t do this one for ya either.

Only YOU have the power.

If you don’t want violence in the world, heal your own inner aggression and accept all of you. Mars will help you with that as will your Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you don’t want hate in the world, heal your own inner fear and prejudices. Use the moon energy and release what is blocked in that Sacral Chakra.

If you don’t want division in the world, heal your own inner rifts. This one, I can help with as we tap into the power of the Throat Chakra.

If you don’t want greed in the world, heal your own abundance and Right to Be Here issues. Your Mother Earth is waiting for you to let her help you heal this and so is your Root Chakra.

If you want more love than BE THE LOVE within which means you have got to love all of you first.

If you want gender equality, then you gonna have to make peace and raise up your own Masculine and Feminine energy streams first.

That’s what I’m talking about… Be the change you want in the world! Clean the poo off your shoe before you start complaining that the world is full of poo. You can do it. We all can. There’s nothing to be afraid of in there. We can band together and find our way home, but that means we all gotta do our parts.

I’ll back you up but you gotta show up too, humans.

Sincerely,  Mercury

P.S. Please read the following note from my translator: Find the healing that works for you. Is it yoga? Is it meditation? Do you need help with shadow work? Trauma therapy? Reiki? There are SO MANY paths to healing and wholeness available and I am here to do my part to help you find the path that is right for you. I did not just write this blog to complain about a problem without offering a solution.

First and foremost come and join our community on facebook:  www.facebook.com/groups/hugyourchaos  where we are having the healing conversation every single day. Yes, at HYC we are coaches. We are healers. We are teachers and we are guides. We’ve learned to navigate the darkness and we can help you navigate yours. We can direct you to amazing people who can help you if what we do isn’t 100% for you. We are committed to creating the world that we want and this is how we are going to do that…


Much love,


Photo cred – Catalyst Yogi


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Joan · September 20, 2018 at 10:31 am

I am impressed. What you say and what you write are thoughtful and accessible . I think people will understand you. You have great energy.

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