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Did you know the Root Chakra is energetically sending and receiving information surrounding your survival needs before you are even born? It’s true. And a blocked Root Chakra will cause havoc in your life.

When I started doing chakra work, I didn’t really understand the enormity of what a chakra was or did, and I certainly had no clue as to the especially powerful and vital role of the Root Chakra, or Muladhara.

The first of the seven main chakras in the physical body is the Root, or Muladhara Chakra. This energy center connects us the Earth, the physical body, and our Right to Be Here. It’s home to our survival mechanisms, fight or flight response, and our needs.

Physically, Muldhara governs the elimination and waste organs, the nose and sense of smell, and the bones. The glands associated with this center are the gonads. Intestinal blockages, constipation, and kidney issues can be the result of energetic chakra imbalances.

Mental and emotional manifestations of a blocked Root Chakra can manifest as depression, anxiety, inability to focus, spaciness, feelings of being stuck, and inability to take action. Root Chakra is linked to feelings about your physical body, feelings of security with yourself and others, and basic needs.

Here are 5 signs of a blocked Root Chakra:

  1. Anxiety. The opposite of anxiety is groundedness or being present in the moment. We ground and connect to the now through the Root Chakra, so imbalances can keep us living in survival mode (fight or flight) which keeps us in mistrust and anxiety.
  2.  Poverty Mindset. Because the Root Chakra governs our Right to Be Here, an imbalance or blockage in this chakra can keep us trapped in the lop of lack or poverty mindset.
  3. Chronic weight issues. This can go both ways – underweight or overweight. Physical trauma hides out in the Root and can keep us hiding behind layers of excess weight to feel safe, or barely living in our bodies so that we struggle to even keep weight on.
  4. Lack of trust. A balanced Root Chakra allows you to open up to support and nurture. A blocked Root will keep you living in the pattern of mistrust which means that you will continue to create situations that prove to you the world is not safe.
  5. Inability to fulfill basic needs. What do you need to survive? Food, clothes, water, a roof over your head? A healthy Root Chakra allows us to fulfill our basic needs easily. If you struggle to keep a roof over your head, provide food for yourself, or create a home for yourself this can be linked to a Root Chakra imbalance.

So now the question must be asked… What do you do about a blocked Root Chakra?

That’s where I come in. I teach chakra work because it can change your life just like it changed mine. You have more power than you know over your health and well-being, and it all starts with your chakras. If your own Life Force energy cannot flow where it needs to flow you are going to experience physical, mental, emotions, and spiritual symptoms of this stuck energy.

Think of your chakras like transportation hubs. There highways, roads, and paths all running in and out of each chakra. These are known as your nadis. The energy comes in, picks up some patterns and vibrations and then carries these patterns and vibrations out to you. Depending on which chakra we are talking about will determine what area of your life is being affected. Here we are discussing the Root so it will be all about your safety, security, and survival.  You are simply repeating patterns that have been handed down to you. It is possible to interrupt these patterns without ever realizing that is what is occurring because it’s not about what you know, it is about what you do. That is why you can see people who have no concept of chakras, patterns, yoga, or anything else go out and change their lives. It’s because they take the actions.

Too many of us hide behind what we think we know and this prevents us from taking the action that is needed to change the pattern. We will get so caught up in the learning that we don’t stop and take time to apply what we are learning. And that’s the kicker. That’s what prevents so many from shifting where they are at when it is still comfortable. The only difference between someone who changes all the patterns in life and someone who doesn’t is that one person took actions that the other one didn’t. We keep embracing answers that feel and sound good instead of answers that actually work.

And we have to be really sick of our own BS and patterns before we will embrace an answer that we don’t really want to hear because that answer is usually that it takes work and effort and we don’t want that. We want the easy band-aid solution that isn’t scary. Until we find ourselves in a place where we’ve tried all the band-aids and we realize that they aren’t going to work. That’s when we usually open ourselves up to real work and change.

If that sounds like you and you are ready for the real change, then I am here to guide you through your own healing journey! I invite you to take my 7 week to chakra healing and alignment course where I will show you the solutions within you. You can also watch my video on the Root Chakra.)

Tips for healing 

  • First, sit down cross-legged, or lie down.
  • Second, start your mindful breath work to become still and present. If you use stones, black onyx, aragonite, red jasper are great for grounding. Red and brown crystals will resonate here. But if you are not changing, the crystals cannot do the work for you!
  • Begin to focus and visualize your breath traveling to the base of your spine, as you picture the color red.
  • Next, take at least five deep, cleansing breaths that you send to your Root chakra. Breathe in slowly to 10, hold for 10, breathe out slowly for 10. (Start with five seconds if needed.) The breath is THE most important element of healing. Without mindful breathwork you won’t change anything!
  • As you breathe, picture the breath cleansing your chakra. Picture the spinning disc of red energy, glowing cleaner and brighter with each breath you take.
  • Use a mantra as you breathe in and out. “I am safe. I am here. My body is strong. I am open.” “I draw strength from the Earth.” “I am right where I need to be.”
  • Picture a strong tree growing tall with its roots deep in the Earth, that it may weather any storms. Feel the tree. Be the tree.
  • Go outside and do grounding or earthing exercises.
  • You may also want to check out my brand new book, The Chakras. A Real-Life, No Bullshit Guide to Healing Your Life. now available!

You journey into the chakras is going to be yours. It’s not for anyone else to tell you what your imbalances and issues will look like. The key is connecting to YOU and your truth.

And if you want more guidance in that area, reach out to me in my facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/chakrachaos

Much love on your healing journey!



Author: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

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Sanjeet jena · September 17, 2018 at 2:22 am

Want to know something more about blocking and unblocking of chakras…it’s really helpful……

    Linds Carricarte-Jones · September 17, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Sanjeet I have a whole series of articles on the chakras here on the blog. The link to the first is at the bottom of this article.

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