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Have you seen this before?

(*This book retails for $19.95, but we bought it for you. So you don’t pay anything for the actual book. We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to claim yours so that we can give out as many as possible (just $7.95 to ship!)

Let me ask you something:

When you are deciding whether to go and see a doctor, do you find one that is advertising to you that they’ve already paid for your consultation, all you have to do is cover their fuel costs to get to the clinic?


Because they don’t work that way!!!

No one else does, except the online Coaching Industry, and it’s time we stopped these cheap sales tricks if we want people to start valuing our industry and start valuing their own growth!

This approach may seem like the author is caring deeply enough about you to buy a copy of their book and gift it to you, but here’s a quick reality check before we get to the actual problem with this approach…

As a published author, I can tell you from experience that it costs me only $2.99 per copy to buy my own book, and there are actually book postage rates with USPS that allow me to send the book to anywhere in Continental United States for a flat rate of $3.99

This means that I haven’t really bought you a copy of my book at $19.95!

It means that at $7.95, I am having you pay for the cost of the book, plus the shipping, and I’m still making just under a dollar from you for each book sold.

That’s pretty clever marketing and although a little underhanded, not actually the problem here.

The real problem that I want to draw you attention to runs much deeper:

From a very human perspective, what this approach is stating (quite boldly when you learn to read between the lines), is that your growth is of less value to me than getting you into my sales funnel is.

What do I mean by that?

As an Empowerment Coach with a LOT of experience, I can tell you that there is very little with less value to you than free information.

We know this from experience, because you see, we have worked under various models with clients over the past couple of years, and I can tell you that when something is given away free or heavily discounted, there is very little value placed on either it, or the growth it will help someone obtain.

As humans, we have this subconscious belief that free is worthless.

Want to argue that point? Go buy a $1000 iPhone and a $150 flip phone, and drop them both into the toilet. Which one is more devastating to you?

Ultimately, when I offer you a free book (just pay shipping), I am teaching you that my work, my time and my efforts in writing that book (which anyone that is published will know is a serious undertaking) doesn’t really have any value, and that your growth from my work is also of no value or concern to me.

Every other person has jumped onto this approach of getting people into their sales funnel without actually thinking about what it means, or the impact it is having towards the real value of the Coaching Industry.

Share this post and let’s start turning this ship around, before we do any more damage to a beautiful industry!

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