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Breaking free!

It sounds great doesn’t it?

Maybe it conjures up thoughts of a dramatic jailbreak, in which inmates gain their freedom from steel bars and concrete walls.

Perhaps it’s got more to do with a tropical vacation with palm trees and white sandy beaches for you.

Maybe it’s something completely different.

In any case, the thought of breaking free is seriously alluring!

By our very nature as humans, we don’t like to be contained. In fact, it is our containment that causes us so much of our separation and disconnection. This idea that we are actually trapped by so many aspects of our modern day lives can be super confronting if one has never entertained the thought before. YES! You ARE trapped!

Prior to writing this article, I did some research. I asked various people across different social media groups and platforms what is it that they feel most trapped by in life, and feel the greatest need to break free from?

The answers that came were really no different to what I hear everyday with my intensive coaching clients: anxiety, money problems, work that doesn’t satisfy, unrelenting business pressures, unfulfilling relationships, toxic friendships, fear, doubt, uncertainty etc etc.

Having heard the same answers over and over, I realized that the feelings of being trapped in life by life itself was systemic! It was all pervasive! Ultimately, it didn’t matter if someone was a Fortune 500 CEO or a School Janitor. It made no difference if someone was happily married, contentedly single, or desperately searching…

What it was in life that was keeping us all trapped in one form or another, was actually the very fabric of life itself.

We are told to conform; given boxes that we we are then helped into and sealed within. Boxes that we choose to stay in because regardless of how restrictive they can be, they become comfortable to us.

NOW is the time for you to challenge these boxes. To break free from the limiting aspects of your life; to step up and OWN your life like a BOSS!

You MUST become a Divine Rebel within the folds of your own life!

It’s time for you to acknowledge what currently has you stuck, stare it right in the face, and be brave enough to force it to back down! This is what Hug Your Chaos is all about. Acknowledging the Chaos in order to shape it, mold it, and create beauty within it. Anyway, here’s the 5…


It’s high time to give your anxiety its marching orders. You have been told all your life that this is as good as it gets. To that I say, “WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT!” Wake up! This is NOT as good as it gets friends… It gets a whole lot better, brighter, shinier, and more beautiful.

I can tell you this from experience, because I lived an anxiety ridden life for years, until I found the way to break free from it. This anxiety has you trapped in a box, and will gladly hold you within its walls until you’re done here in life, if you allow it to. Know this: I am not special in what I have achieved for myself. Not only did I map the journey I took, but I have replicated it in dozens of my clients. Anxiety is NOT your birthright. BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT!


Do you want to know how often I hear “I hate money? I’d much rather it wasn’t a thing, then I could be happy…” Honestly, it’s a LOT. However, this statement is such a load of shit and let me tell you why. If money wasn’t a thing, you would find something else to give your power away to. Money is just the most overt, easiest thing for you to be trapped by right now. If you’re not happy in this moment, I can tell you without fail that it has nothing to do with money (or lack thereof).

This is simply a box that you are keeping yourself stuck in, because you lack the mindset and strategy to break free from it. Here’s a reality check for you friends: Money IS a thing! It is here, and it probably will be for the foreseeable future. You therefore, have a choice to make. Sit in your misery because of what is, or connect with people that can show you how to BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT!

Unsatisfying Work:

Listen, in this day and age, if you’re stuck in a job you hate, it’s a CHOICE! Plain and simple. You can convince yourself that there’s no way you can maneuver yourself into the role you want to be in. You can tell yourself that you’re too old to make a move. There is ALWAYS an excuse that you can feed yourself. But, the reality is, this is a brave new world.

Industry is being disrupted everywhere. People are making money online in ways we never thought possible, and the world is radically different to what it was even just a couple of years ago. Resources are available to anyone that has an imagination, the mindset and the strategy to take advantage of them. If you’re feeling trapped by a workplace that doesn’t serve you on a deep heart and soul level, it’s time for you to BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT!

Unrelenting Business Pressures:

This one is HUGE! So many of you are so wrapped up in the idea that if you’re not under immense pressure, you’re not working hard enough. Honestly, as much as we love Gary Vee, his message is standing dangerously close to becoming the embodiment for a serious lack of balance in life. Not because of who he is or how he’s conducting himself, but because people tend to copy each other. His work ethic is second to none, and he will probably grow old and die starting new businesses. BUT, you need to understand that he is living HIS passion!

The pressure he feels daily, is his fuel for life. It is his Divine Purpose. When you see him achieving everything that he is achieving and try to copy him, you will bun out!  The reason being is because we ALL have our own Path within us, and if we make our choices based on another’s Path, it will leave us feeling trapped. Connect with your own Path and BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT!

Unfulfilling Relationships:

These are tricky. When we’re emotionally connected to someone, it is very easy to excuse their poor behavior. We stay enmeshed in shitty situations because “they’re family”, or “we love them”, or “they’re just having a bad year”. Reality check… everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and if someone cannot get their shit together, you do not owe them anything! NO, it doesn’t matter if they’re family or not!

Now, if you’re trapped by an unfulfilling relationship, you need to take stock immediately! Everyone currently in our life is a mirror of some aspect that is within us. Instead of just running from the unfulfilling relationship, take a moment and reflect on what you have to learn from it. Where are the points of growth for you? Take time and discover how even a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you, may be serving you and BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT!

When you’re ready to BREAK FREE FROM THAT SHIT, all of it that actually doesn’t serve you anymore, come and hit us up at Hug Your Chaos. We’re all about teaching and honing the skills needed to stand perfectly between the light and the dark, between the civil and the wild. We give people the tools needed to completely BREAK FREE in life; financially, professionally, personally and energetically.

Photo Credit: http://www.newbridgerecovery.com/practicing-acceptance-key-happiness/break-free/

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