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Are you authentic?

Are you REAL?

Before you blurt out with “of course I am…!!!”, there’s a couple of things you might want to ask yourself:

Why are you doing what it is that you’re doing right now?
What is your underlying motivation?
What do you seek to achieve?

And then, when the answers come, release your resistance to them; forget the games, drop the routine and just let them sweep over you!

The truth is, you might be in for a MASSIVE shock.

You see, in the end it really has nothing to do with what you do or do not do. The landscape is largely irrelevant. What it all boils down to is WHY you are doing it.

Let me explain with an example:

Yesterday I saw an add from someone on Facebook (surprising right?) and it was from a famous, retired athlete that now runs a very prominent podcast. A podcast that interviews influential and powerful people, and has millions of listeners. The add was geared towards growing social media followers and how this new system he developed will replicate what he has achieved, something like 2000 new followers a month.

Who doesn’t want 2000 new followers a month?

The problem here is that someone famous, who is going to gain these followers anyway based purely on who they are, is now monetizing a system for their own profit that absolutely will not produce anywhere near 2000 new monthly followers. (I know this because growing a business online to over 6-figures is something I have done recently, and after working with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Damien Elston, Vanessa Simpkins and Billy Bross, there is absolutely nothing that anyone is using that can produce these numbers organically). THIS IS NOT AUTHENTIC because it is hugely misleading!

Essentially, what they are doing is very much akin to an olympic powerlifter developing their own protein powder, and then telling you if you buy it from them, you’ll be able to replicate their results in the gym. Of COURSE there’s going to need to also be the years of dedication and hard work, but we’ll leave that in the fine print shall we.

People want to believe the results will come easy, so when someone in a position of influence says, “Yep. It WILL come easy if you buy my product…” many people will believe that.

What I invite you to do when you’re weighing these things up is to ask yourself, “what isn’t being said here? What am I not being told about the outcome?” Seriously though, what else is not being revealing when these people speak?

Enter the GET REAL movement!

It’s high time that we, as humans, learn to become real again. Let’s give up the bullshit games we’re playing. It’s time for us all to start asking, “what is motivating my actions?” Are you all about numbers, profits, goals and outcomes? There really does need to be an alignment with authenticity as we move forward as a race.

So, what would this actually look like? Here’s four ways we can start becoming more authentic:

The filters on selfies at 5am in the gym.

You’re in the gym, guess what? YOU’RE FUCKING SWEATING AND MESSY! Seriously, is ANYONE buying that you’re actually in the gym with undisturbed hair, perfect makeup and no sweat? Whether you’re Instagramming professionally or not, you’re still a human right? Time to GET REAL and allow your messy, fucked up hair and dripping makeup (if you wear makeup to the gym) shine like a little sun all of it’s own.

AirBNB Mansion photoshoots for startups.

IF YOU HAVEN’T MADE THE MONEY FOR REAL, STOP PRETENDING YOU HAVE! This is serious. After busting our ass for over two years (and believe me, we’re not the only ones), it’s downright fucking insulting when you come out and claim that within 10 minutes of turning on your new click funnel, you made $300k and are now on your way to your own private island. It DOESN’T work this way, so please, PLEASE, get real and stop misleading people for your own profit and status.

Business is hard work and there is no luck involved. Let’s GET REAL… The harder you work, the luckier you will get. That is a FACT!

You came from the hood.

I recently came across a couple that was selling their retreat in Costa Rica at an absolute premium. Part of their (very inconsistent) back story, was that they came from the ghetto, built their business to phenomenal success and then went and bought huge acreage in Central America.

Upon doing a search on the area that they came from, it turns out that it was a pretty upper class area in San Francisco. Here’s the thing: If you come from money, GET REAL and OWN THE FACT! Don’t claim a hard beginning if you never had a hard beginning. Sooner or later, you’ll cross paths with someone that genuinely had a hard start, and you won’t be able to back your story up. Nothing stinks like the bullshit of a fabricated back story!

Own your story and be proud of it. Your tribe WILL connect with you, no matter where you come from!

Your hard work got your book onto the NY Times Bestseller list

I saw another Facebook ad recently where someone was selling their method for getting your book onto the NY Times Bestseller list. Being a double published author, of course this spiked my interest, so I clicked and signed up. The first thing I found was a story of how he was having coffee with a family friend, Reid Tracy, and it was the notes he took from that encounter which enabled him to develop the system which put his new book onto the NY Times Bestsellers list.

Ummm, did you just say Reid Tracy was a family friend??? The same Reid Tracy that is the CEO of Hay House Publishing? Look, this is the same as the example at the start of the article. You arrived at your goal because of your position, NOT from your system. Why then are you trying to sell a system that will achieve a result which you haven’t achieved organically?

I’m sure there’s some great tips from the notes you took after having coffee with Reid, but let’s GET REAL here, you got on the NY Times Bestseller lists because Hay House got behind your book! Sell it for what it is and stop misleading people.

Your weight loss was from your newfound amazing diet

I personally know of someone that doesn’t drink water. Nope. All this person ever drinks is wine and diet coke. I also know for a fact that they eat Chinese takeout for lunch every day. How do I KNOW these things? Because I used to work with this person. I also know that they suddenly lost a bunch of weight courtesy of Cool Sculpting, and then launched an online program for how you too could shed unwanted pounds just as quickly by changing your diet.

I’m actually not even going to go any further into how WRONG this is! I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Now, don’t get me wrong. None of what was written here was from a place of judgment. I’m not interested in judging you, how you live, or what you do.

BUT, when what you do is a blatant lie that takes advantage of others for your gain, I’m happy to call it out. NOT to make you feel bad, but because we really need to start becoming real again as a race. We must take a step back from the canned, fabricated, filtered reality we’re creating for ourselves and make a turn back to the messy, chaotic, and often dirty reality of being human. It’s time we got authentic, no matter what that looks like!

I, for one, am proud of my Chaos, and will happily wear it, like the badge of honor it is.

I am also happy to start calling out those that sell bullshit to the masses. It won’t fly from now on. If you’re a bullshit salesperson, you’re on our radar!

Article – Christopher Jones

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