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It’s a cold, wet, night and you’re driving in your car to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Although you don’t know how to get where you’re going, you have the GPS in your phone guiding you and you have plenty of time to get there.

As you drive, you start realizing that your phone, being an older model, is using it’s battery far more quickly than you anticipated it would. You plug your charger in with confidence, but it doesn’t take long before your phone displays that it detects a low charge, and that it is draining faster than it can RECHARGE it.

Before you arrive at your destination, yet long after you’ve left familiar roads, your phone dies completely.

You get that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach (yeah, you know the one), as now, you’re on unknown roads and you have no ability to either navigate or call for help.

This scenario is something almost every one of us has experienced to some degree or another, at some stage.

The reality is, when you don’t take the time to upgrade your phone to a new model regularly, then key things such as its ability to hold a charge, diminishes over time.

Here’s another reality check for you:

As a Human Being, you are NOT all that different to your phone.

No, I don’t mean you’re little, full of technological surprises and ride around in someone’s pocket or bag… What I mean is that you need regular upgrades, and you need to be constantly recharged.

There are direct correlations between your effectiveness in the things you do, and how much energy or ‘charge’ you have at any given time. The more charged you are at any given time, the more effective you become… simple!

Although everyone knows the more energy we have, the better we feel, what many people don’t realize is HOW we, as humans, have actually been getting our recharge on.

It is a habit of modern Human Beings to seek outwardly for the things that “top us up” or recharge us.

What do I mean by that? Take a moment and remember back to a time when you met someone new and exciting; a new love! What did it feel like? How charged were you? Did you find yourself full of energy, inspiration, unable to sleep?

Let me ask you another question:

How long did the feeling last?

Was it fleeting or did it stay with you forever?

The reality is, as long as the feelings that have recharged you are triggered from something outside of you (the new love), then they will only last as long as the new love is there. Even if the relationship lasts and you’re now married with children, that initial feeling of new love; the power, inspiration and energy is no longer with you because the love is no longer new.

Can you imagine being able to call up those exact same feelings within you anytime YOU choose?

Before we get into that, I’d like to take a moment and explain the real cost of not being fully charged in life.

I’m going to do this by sharing a story with you:

At one stage, I was invited to go barefoot lawn bowling with some gym friends. I jumped on the opportunity, putting my name on the list and got really excited about it, as I desperately wanted to socialize more. 

The day arrived and once I turned up at the lawn bowls facility, I saw many familiar faces standing outside, talking and laughing, waiting for everyone to arrive.

Instead of getting out and heading over to the group, I sat in my car for about 10 minutes, looking at everyone and disappearing further into my seat. I started creating scenarios in my head of how I would be rejected, not included, and the fool I would end up feeling because of that. Feeling seriously unwanted in that moment, I ended up driving off in tears, telling myself what a loser I was.

I then spent the rest of the day hiding away in my bedroom telling my then partner that I had a headache and needed rest.

The reason I share this story is simple:

In that moment, my batteries were well and truly drained. I was a slave to my own BS stories and I acted accordingly.

By not looking after myself and taking steps daily to ensure I was always fully charged, I was unable to move through the obstacles I had created with my own mind.

And so, having shared this very small part of my journey with you, let’s cover what the four serious costs are of not knowing how to recharge yourself:

Adventure / New Experiences

You will absolutely shy away from new experiences when you don’t feel you have enough energy to get you through them. Regardless of how much you might WANT to experience something, you will come up with excuse after excuse as to why you can’t.

Promotions at Work / New Opportunities

Do you want to know where fear of success comes from? It’s actually really simple.  It comes from not trusting that you have what it takes to stand in your success. This is because when you are running low on charge, trusting is so much more challenging.

Remember the Hero’s Journey? The Hero starts knowing full well that s/he doesn’t have what it takes to finish, but trusting that everything needed will come as a result of taking the journey. Well, this is not a position one can stand in when the batteries are tapped out.


It is super difficult to either make or receive coherent and intelligent points when you are drained and operating from within survival mode. Misunderstandings abound and it seems like you are always trying to either explain or justify yourself.


ALL relationships start to suffer as a result of your lack of self-charge. Not just your personal or intimate relationships, but work, social, everything! When you are flat, in need of charge and operating from survival mode, you cling to everything you can for that charge.

You seek others to fill you up and make you feel good. You constantly look forward to external events. There is very little actual self connection.

The solution

What we teach at ReCHARGE Coaching is the tools, systems and mindset required to recharge yourself. We don’t give you fish… we teach you HOW to fish! We recognize that the most powerful you will ever be, is when you learn how to plug into your own inherent power and RECHARGE from it.

There is nothing outside of you that will ever give you more energy or charge in life than what you are capable of giving yourself when you know how. What we do, is teach you how!

When you’re ready, come and have a chat with us:

All FREE STRATEGY CALLS booked with us during the month of December will receive 4 FREE tools of self-recharge and empowerment. Book your call here to find out more.

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