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There is a new gold rush…

People are becoming very wealthy from it too.

I’ve seen evidence of this gold rush everywhere because honestly, I like money and am constantly looking for new and creative ways to generate it.

In many respects this modern day gold rush is very much the same as the original gold rushes that many countries experienced around the turn of the century.

The ONLY difference is that instead of gold being dug from the ground, it’s B2B schemes being dug from the internet.

If you’re not familiar with B2B, let me explain.

Business to Business selling or marketing is a solution where one business makes a commercial transaction with another, rather than with customers. Simple.

What then, does this look like in reality and why am I referring to it as a gold rush?

During the actual gold rushes, the only people that became predictably wealthy, were those selling the shovels.

Right now we’re seeing a massive surge in people online selling their systems to create 6,7 and even 8 figure online businesses. I’m going to take a moment to explain the actual problem with what’s happening here, using just the facts as I see them (subjective).

The businesses they are teaching you to create via their systems, are online businesses that teach people how to create online businesses.

Does your head hurt?

I know mine did while I spent hours trying to figure out what was actually being taught here. You see, there’s two types of people doing this, and I’m going to use real life, specific examples (without mentioning names):

Example 1.

Example 1 sells his online course, which teaches a 4-step, online marketing system to businesses wanting to scale. The beautiful thing about what he teaches, is that he uses the very same system he teaches to promote his system. This creates a degree of transparency in what he does.

What makes Example 1’s system different, is that as a prerequisite to working with him, you need to have a business offer already structured that is going to bring value to the lives of your clients. In effect, he is teaching Coaching businesses how to scale what they are already doing by using his online marketing tools and systems.

Example 2.

Example 2 is very loud about how he doesn’t do all of the (often annoying) marketing stuff that other online businesses do. The problem with his claim is that he is actually using almost all of the things he says he doesn’t do, to promote his system of creating a business, doing the same thing.

The issue with Example 2 is he is selling an idea that you don’t need anything of value to get wealthy from internet marketing. You just need to be able to teach others the same system he teaches you.

Let me put this into perspective for you

Example 1 is teaching those that are already mining, a system that shows a much more efficient way of finding and extracting the gold. The gold produced from this benefits everyone.

Example 2 is teaching people wanting to capitalize on the gold rush, not to bother with the gold, but rather how to sell shovels.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course there is a place for shovel sales in a gold rush. But here’s the problem, and indeed, the very reason I wrote this article…

If you are NOT passionate about selling shovels, and literally start down that road because you see an ad from Example 2 telling you that you can get very wealthy by doing it, then you will NOT take any extra effort to be amazing at it. You will follow the lead of what you’ve learned, you’ll be mediocre at best, and you’ll be selling shoddy shovels. (We’ve made the mistake of paying good money for coaching from one of these people before we were wise enough to know better).

If, on the other hand, you are deeply passionate about selling shovels, then you will take the time to learn how to be the best shovel sales person in the world. You’ll dive deeply into the art of selling shovels, read books on it, take courses on it and seek the mentorship of the best shovel selling coach you can find. This ultimately means that you will end up selling the best shovels, and really serve those that are out mining.

YOUR Path…

What matters most in a world of increasing authenticity is that you take the time to connect with YOUR heart path. You have one, sitting buried deep inside; a reason for your being here on earth. And once you’ve connected with that, nothing will ever take you from it.

It will drive you to become the very best you can be. You won’t think twice about investing in a coach or mentor that can show you how to be better at it, and you’ll spend your spare time reading on the subject to expand your understanding.

This is the birthright of every single person alive. YOU have the right to do what it is you are passionate about, and you also have the right to be paid for it. What you won’t do, however, is connect with any of this amazingness while you’re busy learning how to sell shovels because you’ve heard you can get rich from it.

People flocking to these online wealth creation systems, without having a passion for what they teach, is yet another symptom of the disconnection being experienced right now. There’s this vibe of not loving what you do in your day job, so you seek for ways to not have to do it. Instead of connecting with YOUR passion and learning how to monetize it, you instead waste even more of your precious time learning to market B2B, flipping houses or drop-shipping because you saw some 20 year old standing in front of his Lamborghini in an ad on your news feed.

NOW is the time to plug back into your self, connect, recharge and find the way to monetize what you really WANT to be doing.

Are you ready to connect with your Heart Path?

That’s what we do at ReCHARGE Coaching.

Connect with us today.

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Sandra · December 8, 2018 at 9:47 pm

Thank you for your article 😊.

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