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What does it mean to you?

If you’re like most people who currently exist and operate in the competitive plane, it will represent some variation of amassed wealth, expensive objects, holidays, houses, cars etc.

By the end of this article, I’m not only going to have redefined abundance and shattered the “abundance myth”.  But I’m also going to clearly demonstrate that REAL abundance is the birthright of every single person alive!

Let’s start with what the abundance myth actually is…

“If you work hard, you can create abundance for yourself!”

This is the great lie that you are lead to believe which keeps you stuck in the competitive plane. Before we go any further, let me explain what the competitive plane is. It is a state of being that tells you there is limited resources and finite wealth. A view point that is strongly perpetuated by the ruling class, which keeps you stuck in a mindset of competition.

Ultimately, the competitive plane tells you that there is a single acorn, and 7 billion people are all striving for it. This is a massive lie which does nothing but keeps you stuck like a hamster in a wheel.

Having said this, as long as you remain in the competitive plane, this WILL remain your truth. It is a state that is defined by lack, by fear and fierce competition for finite resources. Usually against other people that are better equipped to play the game.

The best way to describe the competitive plane is by using an analogy of a card game. Imagine you are in a blacked out room, playing for infinite stakes against a dealer that holds all the cards, and you don’t know the rules, which keep changing every few seconds anyway.

THIS is the model of life that most people currently exist under!

Although yes, you can obtain material wealth and prosperity in the competitive plane, it IS NOT to be mistaken for abundance. To demonstrate this point, think about your forever stressed out boss who owns a million dollar company, but never seems happy. Perhaps it’s reflected by your friend that is constantly in fear that their wealth is going to be taken from them. Or your brother who has 4 houses in their portfolio, a top of the line car, but cannot throw together $500.00 to save his life!

Don’t get me wrong, the competitive plane certainly does have riches for those that play, but it is NEVER real abundance and it is NEVER a lasting flow!

Back to the myth – if you work hard enough, you can create abundance for yourself. The reality is, abundance cannot be created, because it always is! It is perpetual, because it is a state of being, NOT a mass of material shit that has cost you the connection with your soul to obtain it.

The good news is, there is an alternative:

Enter The Creative Plane!

Much like the competitive plane is a state of being, so is the creative plane. It is not something you do, but rather the way you are! It exists in the way you act, the way you hold yourself and the way you think and feel.

Whereas competition, lack and fear are the hallmarks of the competitive plane, connection and ABUNDANCE are the hallmarks of the creative. The whole idea that if you work hard enough, you can create abundance for yourself, is shattered in the face of the creative plane.

When you came into this world, you were born with a single purpose – to find a way of becoming the most expressive, abundant version of you. This is the true nature of everything that lives. A plant grows to its fullest self-expression; everything does! Therefore it is NOT in your nature to compete for finite resources against others.

Once you step into the creative plane, you embrace your greatest self-expression and become truly abundant. This is a state that you hold within you, and at this point, the external world begins to reflect this abundance. What is meant for you as a part of your journey here, is literally waiting for you to align with it and experience it. This is not something that anyone can compete with you for, because by birthright, it is YOURS!

How do you make the transition?

Ultimately, you embrace your most abundant self by BEING your most abundant self. The first step is to define what that is. (We do guided exercises with our clients to help them align with this truth within them). Once you have a clear understanding of what your most abundant self actually is, you start expressing it NOW.

The biggest mistake that most people make is the thought that they will express their most abundant self once they have obtained blank…! This is a paradigm that will keep you firmly seated in the competitive plane, because you are competing for the result in order to become abundant.

We have discovered through our own path, and in all the work we’ve done with our clients, that the creative plane actually works in the exact opposite way. Self-connect, discover what the greatest expression of you is, and then start BEING that! This opens the state of flow, which, when held, aligns perpetual abundance with you.

When you’re ready to experience REAL abundance in your life, reach out and have a chat with us. We are starting our next Abundant Life Mastery™Program on March 1st and we’d love to chat with you to see if you’re a good fit for the program.

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