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Have you noticed what happens when you create something?

Really think about it on as many layers as you can.

For starters, YOU feel great.

Although as humans, we seem to have a buried dark desire for destruction, our Heart and Soul actually revels in creation. (Watch video here: )

You may also have noticed that when you create, people tend to want to be around you. For some reason, you become more attractive!

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff too, but we’ll get into that.

Creation is LIFE!

In this blog, I am going to reveal a hypothesis I’m currently working on.

Based on an understanding I have surrounding The Universal Principle of Polarity; an understanding that originated with the Hermetic Alchemists, I would love to propose the following:

As much as the opposite of love is not hate but fear, my proposal is that the opposite of creation is NOT actually destruction, but rather, competition.

Destruction is merely an element of competition, much as hate is literally nothing more than an element of fear. The big question is, how did I come to this understanding?

Let’s think in terms of an energetic spectrum. At one end is something and at the other end, is its antithesis, or opposite force. This could be hot and cold (temperature), summer and winter (season) or love and fear (emotion). What I have done is layered ‘creation’ over this same model, and when you move far enough away from it, you arrive at competition.

Please understand that the opposing forces on these energetic spectrums are not actually different. They are only separate because of the vibration they exhibit. Hot and cold are both temperature, just vibrating at different rates.

With this understanding, we can then adequately claim that creation and destruction are totally different energies, and therefore do not sit as opposite forces on the same energetic spectrum. However, creation and competition do oppose one another.

With this in mind, think about the idea that at any given point, you are either at the Creative end of the spectrum, or the competitive one. By its very nature, you are unable to create from within competition; all you can ever do is compete.

The big questions are, what are you competing for and who are you competing against?

You see, we have been lead to believe for most of our lives that there are finite resources available. That there is only a very limited amount of wealth, of opportunity, and if you don’t fight hard in the competition, that you’ll miss out. What the competitive plane will have you believe is that there is a single acorn, and we are ALL racing towards it.

The reality is, this only remains true for you as long as you choose to stay in the competitive plane! Once you have changed your vibration from Competition to Creation, all of a sudden you are surrounded by all the acorns you can use.

Why? Why does shifting from competition to creation open up everything you need or want in life?

It all comes down to understanding the model of how the Universe works. You see, it operates from a creation based model. Nothing actually needs to compete against anything else for it to experience the greatest expression of its own abundance.

What I mean is, if something is blooming, then conditions are perfect for it to bloom. If the conditions are not perfect for it to bloom, then it withdraws until they are. Referring back to the Universal Principles of the Hermetics, “As Above, so below”, if the model works for one thing, it MUST, by design, work for everything.

What this literally means is, if you’re alive (and you are) then conditions are perfect for you to bloom, otherwise you would have withdrawn by now. But in order to bloom, you must leave the world of competition behind and step into the creative world.

You have the gift within you RIGHT NOW!

Everything you need to thrive in life is literally within you. The seed of your own greatness is there. The key to experiencing that greatness, is in becoming still enough for you to hear the message contained within your own heart. You have a unique gift, and when you embrace it entirely, it WILL make available everything you need to completely thrive.

The very first part of this journey is Self-Connection. Without that, you will never hear your Heart’s Message over the noise of the competitive plane.

We invite you to step into Self-Connection by claiming this free tool we developed.

You can get access to it by clicking here:

Finally, enjoy this journey. It is truly beautiful once you’re on the creative plane.

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Sh · March 26, 2019 at 2:06 am

Great idea, from competitive plane to creative, from fear to love.
In love we are free; in love we create and in fear we compete.

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