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Comfort zones are, well, comfortable.

That is literally all they are.

They do not serve us in the slightest, in any way, shape or form!

Your good life, is a comfort zone. Plain and simple.

Everyday, I see and work with people that are stuck in a catch cry which sounds something like “It could be worse… It’s not that bad… It’s ok… My life is good!”

Honestly, the reality is, your Good Life is costing you your GREATEST Life!

Let me share a story with you explaining this.

I remember at one point in my life, I was sitting beside the ocean in my 4×4 van, eating breakfast, and thinking about how good things were for me in that moment.

It was shaping up to be a good day on a 12-month surfing trip around Australia that I was taking by myself, to reconnect and discover who I truly was.

Although I hadn’t seen a single person for days on this little, pristine stretch of coast I was camped up on, on this morning another van randomly pulled up. A guy who looked a little younger than I was got out of the drivers seat, and a stunning looking girl got out of the passenger side.

We exchanged pleasantries after which, they got their surfboards off their roof, suited up and went down to the water.

I sat watching them surf and play together in the water for a couple hours, after which, they came back to their van, laughing and playfully made some food together before loading up and driving off into the great, wild yonder.

I didn’t surf that day but rather, sat there looking at the perfect cobalt water, pondering on why my life was only “good”.

Then, it dawned on me!!!

‘Holy shit! Sure, my life was good, but sharing this experience with someone I REALLY connect with. Just like this couple that had been divinely placed in my line of sight in that moment, would actually make it GREAT!’

I realized then and there that staying within the comfort of my good life, was costing me a great life!

What I was lacking, was the ability to forge quality relationships.

I didn’t know how to get from where I was in my good life, to where I wanted to be, experiencing a GREAT LIFE with someone that I truly cared for, who also cared for me.

That was the exact moment when I realized that I had no way of creating a strong relationship with anyone else, because the relationship I had with myself wasn’t so strong. In that moment, I made the decision to find the guidance of someone that could show me how to connect with myself more deeply, and honestly, it was THE BEST move I have ever made.

Since that point, I have married the girl of my dreams, bought a house on the Gulf of Mexico, started a kick ass business where I get to play on my own terms daily, helping others to become the most ABUNDANT version of themselves.

Do you connect with the idea that your comfortable good life is actually costing you your most amazing great life?

If so, read on:

Linds and I are extending an invite to 2 more people who are ready as of March 1st to experience just how magical life can be.

You are already experiencing a good life, just as I was, but you’re also aware that now it’s time to learn how to live a GREAT one, and you’re seeking the guidance that will take you to such.

We’re asking you to make a 12-month commitment to yourself in learning how to live the most ABUNDANT expression of YOU.

What does that include?

A perfect Flow of movement through your life, powerful communication, more money, better sex, more deeply fulfilling relationships… EVERYTHING that comes from having a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with yourself.

When you’re ready to stop walking and give yourself permission to fly, book a call with us and let’s see if investing the next 12 months together is a great fit for all.

When you’re ready, book your call below.


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