Get to know our guest contributors!

Ashley Nicole Williams

Ashley Nichole Williams can be found residing in the greater Seattle area with her fiancé John and their two rescue kitties, Smokey the bandit, a Siamese, and Felix the cat, a tuxedo Norwegian forest cat. She is a 33-year-old Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native currently working in the hospitality industry. Ashley studied Yoga at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, in Kutir Netala, India. She practices yoga, meditation, and enjoys learning Buddhism, studying Italian and exploring writing and poetry.

Her love for travel, photography, music, snowboarding, hiking, nature, and Pittsburgh Steelers football are the things that make her heart soar. She has a passion for adventure and one day hopes to travel the world with her soul mate and future husband John. Her goal is to open her own Yoga studio, as well as offer classes in nursing homes to senior citizens, utilizing yoga to teach the world how to connect the mind and body to the breath while bringing harmony and balance into people’s lives. She has joined the Hug Your Chaos movement to share with the world the wisdom and knowledge she learns along the way, shedding a little light into the dark places we all hide from, acknowledging they exist and giving them a BIG hug. Namaste.

Ashley Volkert

Ashley Lorraine is an Arizona girl living in a Florida world. She is 31 years old and married to her Twin Flame. She is a Pisces, an Empath, and INFJ. The dreamer is woven into the very fabric of her being. She uses every aspect of that dreamer, as a full-time artist and poet, to breathe life into the worlds that exist in her imagination.  Although her mind longs for worlds unknown, her heart is held in care by her husband and 4 furbabies. Through her work with the Hug Your Chaos movement, breath work, and meditation, she hopes to help cultivate the ease, flow, and happiness she has been dreaming of—not only for herself—but for everyone around her.

Karen Hodgson

Karen is an Abundant Life Mastery Program graduate, now training to be a Life Excellence Coach. She plans to empower souls with spiritual nourishment once completed and plans to follow up this course with learning permaculture and holistic nutrition.