What Is A ChaosHugger?
What is the ChaosHugger movement all about?

To answer this question, let’s define what Chaos is…

Up until this point, there has been a stigma attached to the term and we’re here to set it straight. You see, we believe that Chaos is nothing more than the aspects of life that we cannot control and don’t agree with or didn’t anticipate.

So we went to our communities and asked them what their understanding of Chaos is, and this is what we got:

“Chaos to me is every day struggles, road rage, having so much to do and being able to say ” fuck it I’ll try and get it done tomorrow ” and being ok with that. Making sure there is time for me!!!! Not letting other people’s shit flow into my zen. It’s not my shit!!! Maybe try and help them though their shit but not take it on.”
Mike M.

“Chaos is the everyday part of life you can’t control. The part of you thats unorganized and messy. Just like the part of life that’s unorganized and messy LOL chaos is the other side of controlled. Everything can’t be controlled you have to have chaos. Chaos and Order go together. So the connotation of hugging my chaos just means to get comfortable with it.”
Caryn W.

“Chaos to me is how life is. Disorganized, fearful and downright unfair and rude at times BUT! I wouldn’t change it for the world! Hug and love life and live it to the fullest extent that you can.”
Deb G.

Here’s the reality of things…

Chaos is life, and life is Chaos! When you hide behind the “Namaste” and ‘Love and Light’, refusing to acknowledge the messier parts of your existence, you are effectively cutting away half of who you are and what you’re here to experience.

Don’t misunderstand, we’re not here to worship the Chaos. But we ARE here to help bring balance back to the world, and the reality is, as long as you refuse to acknowledge your own inherent darkness and Chaos, you are going to perceive it in everyone and everything around you.

It is only once you have completely embraced yourself as a whole being, both the Light and the Dark, that you’re able to stand beautifully in whatever comes your way!

Here’s what we’re asking you to do when you’re ready to accept the messier parts of your life:

Make a little sign that says “ChaosHugger”, take photos of yourself in interesting places or poses with the sign, and submit them to media@hugyourchaos.com

We’ll post them onto the website here and the most interesting photo each month will receive a FREE ChaosHugger Tee or Tank.

Not ready to be a star but still want to represent?

That’s OK!

Order your ChaosHugger gear here: