Are you living with a constant feeling of “not quite right” in your chest?

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Have you ever considered that there MUST be more to life?

You still have SO much of your own work to do but you’re not sure on how to go about doing it?

The reality is, there are SO many Coaches on the market that are doing little more than spreading more DIS-EASE because they have yet to look into and address their own shadows.

There is absolutely no authenticity in this!

(All HYC Training Programs are fully Accredited under the HEART Coaching Collective (HCC))

Title of the program

Abundant Life Mastery™

General program vision and goals

To forge a solid re-connection with the most fundamental relationships we have as humans.
To awaken our innate inner power and gain total Self-Mastery

List of classes/modules/parts

The Art of Being Human

Weeks 1: Relationship to Life

Week 2: Relationship to Food

Week 3: Relationship to Self

Week 4: Relationship to Others

The Heart Path

Week 5: The Heart Path 1 & 2

Week 6: The Heart Path 3 & 4

Week 7: The Heart Path 5 & 6

Week 8: The Heart Path 7

Emotional Mastery

Week 9: Emotional Mastery 1

Week 10: Emotional Mastery 2

Week 11: Emotional Mastery 3

Week 12: Self-Mastery

Number of student contact hours included in the program

30 Direct Contact Hours

Learning goals

To connect with the SELF on all levels; completely eradicating self-doubt, not quite rights, disconnection, apathy, and gaining the tools to naturally work at overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction etc.

Coaching philosophy/model/approach

The philosophy that we use in our approach to coursework here at HYC is simple: If one has not or can not face their own internal barriers, blocks, and fear, then they have absolutely zero ability to determine the outcomes of their own life.

Authenticity and transparency is the model on which we have build Hug Your Chaos and on which we conduct ourselves. Without both of these things, there is no Coaching Industry, to begin with. Merely sick people trying to help others for money!

Listing of lead instructors

Christopher Jones

  • Diploma of Management – Brisbane TAFE College
  • Certificate 4 Workplace Trainer & Assessor – Brisbane TAFE College
  • Credentialed Master Practitioner of Life Coaching – Australian Coaching Institute (International Coach Guild)
  • Credentialed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Australian Coaching Institute
  • Certified Coach Trainer & Course Developer – Australian Coaching Institute

Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

  • Accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching

Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered

All courses are conducted online and start dates are flexible to the student

Language(s) that are used in program delivery

English (US)

How the program is delivered (e.g. face-to-face, webinar, telephonic, combination)

Online modules are facilitated via the HYC Institute.
Assessments are all submitted via email, graded and returned to the student.
Weekly classroom sessions are run via Zoom online video conferencing as are private sessions with Coach Trainees

Requirements students must meet to enter the program

A strong desire to change the outcome of one’s life. To gain complete Self-Mastery and stand in that space.


“The single most powerful program you will ever integrate into your life!” ~Alanna Brown

We hand pick the people that we choose to work with on our Abundant Life Mastery System™, so if you come to us, come hungry for a complete life overhaul!

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It begins with re-connecting you to the most fundamental relationships you have with yourself and the world around you. You grow in the understanding of your true value and where your power really comes from. How to manifest what you want (including more money), learning to create powerful intentions that gets you results as well as the inner processes to powerfully heal what needs to be healed within you so that you may stop holding yourself back with the self limiting inner narratives and self doubt. Here’s what the System gets you to do:

      1. Set your intentions

We examine where you are in your life and get CRYSTAL clear about your intentions, what you want to experience in your personal life and what aligns with your heart path. Before you can manifest what you want you have to KNOW what you want! You’ll learn the difference between setting goals and intentions, the biggest mistakes people make when trying to apply the law of attraction to their life and pave the way for your abundant life to open out in front of you.

      1. Create Your Ideal Life Map

Together we’ll find out exactly what your ideal life looks like. Too often, we work with people who know they want more in life, but have no idea what exactly “the more” looks like. What do you love to be doing, what do you need more of in your life, what you need less of in your life, and we’ll really drill down to what inner blocks are standing in between you and your authentic truth of abundant living.

      1. Find where you are on your map

There is absolutely no point in having a map if you don’t know where your starting point is. So much of the time we hear “I just don’t know where to begin…”

      1. Release Your Inner Resistance

Mostly you might already know what’s missing or what you need to be doing in your life, but yet are still struggling with procrastination, feeling stuck in fear and spinning in circles. You’ll be learning proven techniques to identify and break through your inner resistance, self doubt, fear, anxiety, inner narratives, and all of that “stuff” that keep you playing small so that you can begin taking actions to create and sustain abundant life mastery.

99% of the time the root of the problem is disconnection. Our society breeds disconnected living, and individually this manifests in various behavioral, emotional, and physical problems for many of us. We help you identify these areas and then forge re-connection with the most important element of Abundant Life Mastery – you and your higher self – in order to get you living your own authentic heart path.

      1. Physical, Energetic, and Emotional Healing and Balance

Here we will guide you deep into the energetic roots of your physical and emotional problems. Through identification of the root cause at an energetic level, we often find that emotional and physical problems relieve themselves. Through work with the seven main Chakras we help you to identify, acknowledge, accept, heal, and release the blockages and stagnant wounds that have been holding you back and blocking you from abundant life mastery. We will also help you design a holistic plan for physical health and exercise that is sustainable for your lifestyle.

      1. Redefining Relationships

Life is all about relationships – with ourselves, others, objects, career, the Divine, nature, etc. Anything we interact with becomes a relationship. This is where we assist you in assessing where you practice healthy relationships and where you don’t. But we don’t stop there! We also engage you to explore how you can redefine your relationships with the most fundamental aspects of life. By starting at the most basic level, we help you establish a solid foundation for all of your relationships to flourish in abundance.

      1. Create a belief system that aligns with who you are TODAY!

Together we will explore what your current beliefs are and where they came from. Why do you believe what you believe? Belief systems come from somewhere, usually our families, friends, and society. The kicker is that we tend to hold on to certain beliefs, that we picked up throughout life, which no longer serve us or align with who we are today. We help you in identifying which of these are dead weight in order to create space where you will write a NEW and EMPOWERED belief system. One that encourages Abundant Life Mastery instead of fear and scarcity.

      1. Connect with your own Divinity so that you can become a conscious co-creator of your life

We are all creating our own stories as we move through life. This is a fact. What is also fact is that if we are not consciously co-creating these stories, we are subconsciously creating them. When we act from a place of subconscious creation, more often than not we are using old filters and patterns of thought that no longer serve us. In working through Abundant Life Mastery, we teach you how to make the shift from subconscious fear based stories to empowered conscious co-creation.

      1. Take the power back in your life

Too often in life, we hand our own power over to life and everyone in it. We’ll look at where you give your power away; at your energy leaks. Is it emotional? Physical? Are you stuck in victim mindset as a hostage of the Universal powers that be? Are you a prisoner of your fear and your inner monologues? We help you to discover and identify these areas and then teach you how to take your power back.

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