You’re ready to own your life.

You’re ready to smash through your blocks to manifestation.

You desire abundance, happiness, self-confidence, and love.

You’re wondering why those affirmations and crystals still aren’t working.

If you’ve gotten this far, then keep reading. Because I CAN HELP YOU!

I’ll tell you the problem right now:

You’re still operating on the same belief systems that you were given when you were a kid.

Yet you’ve upgraded your TV, iPhone, laptop, tablet, browser, and car.

It’s time to upgrade your life!

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You’re essentially letting something as functional as Zack Morris’ cell phone decide your destiny…. That cannot be working for you.

So let’s talk!

I personally no longer live with the depression, anxiety, addiction, and poverty that plagued me for years, and I can’t wait to share the simple tools that turned my life completely around in under a year.

My husband (who also used these tools to smash past clinical depression and maximize his life) and I created something for people like us—for people like you…

When you heal your chakras, you heal your life. Work with The Chakra Guide herself, Lindsay Carricarte-Jones, author of Fractured. Healing from Addiction, Illness, and Dis-ease Through Energy Work and The Chakras. A Real-Life, No Bullsh8t Guide to Healing.  Learn about the chakra alignment and healing services we offer!

7 Weeks to Chakra Alignment Course™

“This course is amazing and I can highly recommend jumping on board.
Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones are excellent teachers and their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal! Loved every second of my journey with them and I’m sure you will too.” ~Carol B

But maybe you’re thinking: “Chakras?? REALLY? That mumbojumbo stuff?”

Let me stop you there. Because if you’ve tried everything, but not this, you’ll wish you’d started with this once you find out how powerful it is.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of a chakra or if you know all about them—

———This. Course. Will. Change. Everything.

Chakra work is like a reboot for your operating system. You have to get deep into your unconscious beliefs and reclaim YOUR RIGHT TO BE HERE in order to manifest like the powerful being you are.

You’re looking for a shift, a stroke of luck, an open door…

Balancing, healing, and connecting with your chakras will make that shift happen. It will change your luck and open doors (there’s actual clinical science behind this).

It is all within your own power.

**Take hold of that power, starting with Chakra Chaos here: https://hug-your-chaos.teachable.com/p/chakra-chaos-beginner-course

The life of ABUNDANCE, CONNECTION, CONFIDENCE, and LOVE that I am currently living is made possible by the very practices that I teach in this online Chakra Course.

It’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE. Your time to find purpose, to make progress, and to realize the value of your gifts. You are worthy, you are good enough. Now own it.

And if you’re a yoga teacher, crystal healer, Reiki or energy worker, then learning about the chakras will take your practice to a whole new level.

You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth my investment?”

To that I say, “Does a billionaire invest money to make more??”

**Invest in YOU here, it really seems like a no-brainer: https://hug-your-chaos.teachable.com/p/chakra-chaos-beginner-course

(And on a side note, if you’re unwilling to invest in yourself, that’s a major clue about your first block to manifestation.)

During this online course, you will spend 7 weeks working intensively with the 7 main chakra of the physical body. Led by Lindsay, you will learn, connect, heal, and align your 7 major chakra which WILL transform your life.

You will be taught a variety of tools and methods to use each week as we move from Muladhara, or Root, to Sahasrara, or Crown to get your energy centers back online. It’s time to rewrite those limiting belief systems that are holding you back from owning your life! 

We’ve had massive success with this program as those who have enrolled have smashed through some massive walls and blocks in their lives. Why do you need to heal your chakras? Discover the blocks that can be hiding here, starting with the Root Chakra. 

How it works:

Each week we will spend time learning about and working with each of the 7 major chakras. We do this via online classroom, facebook live, recorded videos, meditation, yoga, herbs, oils, PDF files, and a special facebook group. Here’s the breakdown:

For each chakra there is

  • 1-hour on demand classroom for you to watch on your time.  Yours forever.  8 total classes! (Value $777)
  • A 3-page PDF of information, affirmations, and journal prompts for each chakra. Also yours forever. (Value $15)
  • A guided meditation for healing and connection. Yours to download and keep. (Value $70)
  • Mini video classes on yoga asanas to work and open each chakra. You can download and keep this. (Value $140)
  • Mini video classes on yantra meditation. (Value $77)
  • Private facebook community where you have access to support from us as well as your peers. (Value: Priceless)
  • A mini video class on working with essential oils for each chakra, from the Alchemist himself, Christopher Jones. Downloadable and yours to keep! (Value $80)
  • A PDF of crystal correspondences for each chakra, also yours to download and keep. (Value $7)

That’s a whole lot of value we’re offering in this chakra alignment course for not a whole lot of money. Because it’s more important to us to help you heal, we don’t price our programs for the elite. We price them for YOU. And we make it very easy for you to make payments if needed. So….if you’re still reading this, there’s a reason.

Learn more and enroll here:  https://hug-your-chaos.teachable.com/p/chakra-chaos-beginner-course

What are you waiting for?

Chakra Alignment

See what former students have to say:

Lindsay Carricarte-Jones & Christopher Jones are fantastic guides! They are gentle and real throughout this course! Their teachings are hardcore! So be prepared to work hard on yourself and have your mind blown! It’s worth it! You are worth it! Two thumbs up!” ~Karla L

“This course is absolutely amazing. The passion Lindsay Carricarte-Jones has for this subject shines through every class. Lindsay and Chris are amazing guides who are full of wisdom, experience, truth and support. I highly recommend this course! ! ♡” ~Tricia M.

“Lindsay Carricarte-Jones & Christopher Jones are fantastic guides! They are gentle and real throughout this course! Their teachings are hardcore! So be prepared to work hard on yourself and have your mind blown! It’s worth it! You are worth it! Two thumbs up! ” ~Karla L.

“This course is absolutely amazing. The passion Lindsay Carricarte-Jones has for this subject shines through every class. Lindsay and Chris are amazing guides who are full of wisdom, experience, truth and support. I highly recommend this course! ! ♡” ~Tricia M

“Lindsay’s 7 Wk Chakra Alignment is by far one of my favorite classes I’ve taken this year. 😍 Not only are the classes amazingly in depth, there’s journal prompts, meditations, yoga poses, mini classes on the yantras, even Christopher jumps in and teaches us to make oil blends corresponding to each chakra. My favorite part is the sense of community. The women I am going through this class with have become life-long friends. It’s hard not to be close w/ them. They’ve seen me have crazy realizations and I’ve been honored to watch them have their own. I cannot wait for level 2 of Chakra Alignment!” ~Ashley Volkert

“Cannot recommend this course enough! Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones are incredible guides!”~Claire

“If someone here feels alone in their practise (or life!) – don’t hesitate {to join this course}. You won’t be left alone with your thoughts and/or realizations. It’s far better than psychology sessions, it’s like it’s on a different plane – where no one is faking it. This course means finding true friends, that won’t leave you alone, no matter the time zone. Highly recommended.” ~Weronika A.

What are you waiting for? Take the course now!

Learn more and enroll here:  https://hug-your-chaos.teachable.com/p/chakra-chaos-beginner-course


Custom Chakra Healing Therapy & Coaching 3 session package

During this unique healing, we will have three sessions that are geared towards your personal journey. Lindsay will create a custom guided healing visualization journey just for you, which will be recorded and your forever to work with as needed. This modality combines the skills Lindsay has acquired as a healer, coach, and chakra worker with her favorite things – Chakras, healing, and coaching!

  • Session 1 – Energy Reading & Assessment: 1-hour video call where we chat and Lindsay does an energetic reading on you surrounding your personal energy blocks and imbalances as related to the chakras.
  • Session 2 – Custome Guided Visualization Journey: During this exercise, Lindsay takes you on a deep healing journey within during which you will connect with and release blocked energies in your chakras. This is designed based on the energy reading for session 1 so it is created just for you.
  • Session 3 – Chakra Coaching Session: 1-hour coaching session where we dig, dig, dig. This session is intuitive and will be related to what was uncovered during the healing visual journey. Much like an integration after a shamanic journey, we will spend the time talking and Lindsay will do what she does best! guide you to the places that need healing for your big AHA moments!

This is deep healing work and you will need a guide to do it. Book your session today! Email Lindsay@hugyourchaos.com with any questions, or, to schedule your first session.

Custom healing packages cost $325.