Hug Your Chaos

7 Day Intensive Meditation Boot Camp!

Are you ready to massively change your life?

meditation boot camp

So you want to stop renting your life and OWN it? this is where it all begins!

If you’re here in the 7-Day Meditation Bootcamp, it’s because you said YES! You said yes to undertaking this powerful 7-day meditation intensive boot camp… you said yes to taking control of your own self-care… you said YES to LIFE!

The benefits of a daily meditation practice are now well proven, some of them as follows:

  • Greater focus
  • Increased immune function
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better information processing
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves overall mood and outlook

And the list goes on and on.

What we have put together here is a “beginners intensive” so as to forge a new habit of this amazing practice.

The biggest, most important thing is to make it sustainable, make it your own, and to make it FUN! Once you have achieved these things, you’ll keep the daily practice in your life forever and will gain an abundance of benefits from having done so.


Enroll in Meditation Boot Camp here: https://hug-your-chaos.teachable.com/p/meditation-boot-camp/