Financial prosperity is all about your money mindset. All too often we block ourselves from living our most abundant life based on some outdated paradigm buried so deep within the subconscious mind that we don’t even realize it’s there!

Free Money Mindset Workshop

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If you’re tired of buying crystals, essential oils, and intention candles for prosperity and abundance which never seem to do more than attract limited versions of what you’re seeking to create on your life then it’s time you start digging into your MINDSET. And we want to show you the way. Don’t get us wrong….we love working with crystals, oils, herbs, and rituals. However, we have learned that these things will do nothing for you if you don’t believe deep within your subconscious mind that you are worthy of what you seek to manifest. In other words, you could have a house built of citrine, green aventurine, arfvedsonite, 5-finger grass, and green candles but if you’re still living on the outdated paradigm that we call “lack mindset” than all those metaphysical tools are going to do is look really nice.

If we asked you right now, “What are your beliefs surrounding money?” would you have an answer? Do you realize that you even have a belief system around money and that it is painting the picture of your reality as we speak? It’s true!

Money is nothing more than energy. Seeing it as anything different just blocks the flow of abundance in your life. Watch the free workshop and learn more about how this is showing up in your life.

Master Your Money Mindset 30-Day intensive program

intention settingDuring this 30-day intensive mindset program, we take you back to where the roots of your blocks began. Over the 4-weeks you will uncover, discover, and discard the blocks that are keeping you from living an abundant life. The reason we saw a need to create this program was because, time and again, in our FB groups, we would see people wanting to do the work to change their lives for the better but stating that they were financially restricted from doing so.

Firstly, let it be known that neither of us are financial gurus. We are not money planners, wealth creation experts and we don’t have a system that will make you wealthy if you follow it. What we do have is a system that is profoundly good at removing blocks. We also found that our system, when directed to abundance, removes the blocks that we put in place between us and the flow of it into our lives.

The four weeks will be broken down as follows:

  • Week 1:
    Redefining money as energy – Where did the beliefs come from?
  • Week 2:
    Uncovering our beliefs about money
  • Week 3:
    Timeline regression and block removal
  • Week 4:
    What are our ideal money beliefs?
    To gain the most benefit from this course, you will need to approach it with a certain attitude and a few tools.

Each week you receive a PDF module to work through. You will be added to a secret facebook group for support and guidance. Each week we have a 1-hour mindset group clarity call where we help you dig and hold you accountable. During these calls, our students have had the most profound AHA moments.

The value of this program is over $1,000 and we could easily price it at that due to the intensive nature of the clarity sessions, the depth of the assignments, and the small intimate groups so that we can give each student our attention. However, we’re not stupid and we realize that if you need this course, you most likely don’t have $1,000 for leisure spending. This program is one of our gifts to the world so we’ve decided to offer it at $97 so that anyone who is ready to smash through their blocks can afford this investment into themselves.

If you’re ready to start living the life you deserve, then email us at info@hugyourchaos.com and say “Show Me The Money Mindset!” We look forward to working with you!

Take a moment and see what our clients & Money Mindset students have to say about us

“Lindsay and Chris offered this course at a time that I was willing to admit that I had some issues with how I thought about and dealt with money. By identifying my blocks and thought patterns about money, I gained new insights and perspectives. The change in my mindset was physically noticeable! Lindsay and Chris’s loving support and knowledgeable guidance through this process is priceless to me. Much gratitude ♡♡”  ~Tricia M

“Hug Your Chaos came into my life at exactly the right time — a time where I was finally willing, able, and brave enough to ask the Universe for help. Through taking the courses offered by HYC, and the guidance of Lindsay and Chris, I have found the resources and resilience that had been dormant within me for my entire existence. I only needed to be brave and willing enough to allow for HYC coaches to shine the light on my old inner narratives.

Before taking the HYC Money Course, I really had no idea the layers of unhealthy beliefs I had surrounding money. I actually didn’t even realize that I had a money story, let alone that it was a mirror to so many fears and blocks in other areas of my life. I had no idea what abundance looked like to ME. If you are willing to look deep within yourself, to heal yourself, to call out your unhealthy patterns, and rewrite your money story to find your true abundance – I highly recommend this course!” ~Claire P. 

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