Company Culture

“The call to Self-Mastery is not for everyone!
But for those keen enough to hear the call and feel the pull of it,

LIFE will NEVER again be the same!”

Christopher Jones

At Hug Your Chaos, we are ALL about complete Self-Mastery and work tirelessly to provide the Strategy for anyone ready to make significant changes in their lives. Our systems have been designed specifically to bring people from their ‘not-quite-right’, unsatisfied lives to a life of deep and lasting empowerment.

We do this by helping people connect with their Heart Path and understanding that for any change to remain in place, it must be done sustainably. It is our goal to impact the lives of everyone we come across for the better, in a way that is fun, empowered and sustainable.

Our greatest understanding is that until someone has done the work to connect with their own purpose, there can be no measure of lasting success in any aspect of life. It is impossible to succeed in anything there is not a passion for – This includes life itself!

Mission Statement:

  • For our clients; through coaching and life-empowerment, we help you not only see the shadow elements of your life but to enjoy actively embracing them for greater life fulfillment. Teaching you to realign with your Heart Path, removing the blocks that you’ve placed between yourself and it, and having the courage to walk it completely.
  • For our employees; we provide a platform of conscious, empowered employment where you can express yourself completely without fear of being told you are too “you”. Providing a safe place where you are honored for who you are and the gifts you bring to our company, our clients, and the world.
  • For the world; to create a new paradigm shift in the business world where personal, social, commercial and global ethics are perfectly aligned. Leading the way by shining a light on businesses that still choose to conduct themselves unethically, by staying true to the Heart Path of the Hug Your Chaos brand.