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The Essentials

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Vision: Hug Your Chaos Coaching – Get Real!

We guide people back to their Heart Path by showing them how to embrace all their Light and Darkness, so they may live fully abundant and empowered lives. 

Mission Statement:

  • For our clients; we help you to see the shadow elements of your life and to enjoy actively embracing them for greater life fulfillment. Teaching you to realign with your Heart Path, removing the blocks that you’ve placed between yourself and it, and having the courage to walk it completely.
  • For our employees; we provide a platform for conscious, empowered employment where you can express yourself completely without fear. Providing a safe place where you are honored for who you are and the gifts you bring to our company, our clients, and the world.
  • For the world; to create a paradigm shift in business where personal, social, commercial, and global ethics are perfectly aligned. Leading the way by shining a light on businesses that still choose to conduct themselves unethically, by staying true to the Heart Path of the Hug Your Chaos brand.


  • Our story:

It was Christmas Day, 2016 and we were sitting in a cheap little backpackers in Arenal, Costa Rica. We had a week of unpaid vacation time from our management positions in a leading Metaphysical company based in LA. We spent that day reconnecting to the meaning of our lives was, and how we were going to contribute our personal gifts to the world.

This was the birth of Hug Your Chaos. An idea, a thought, a belief that in order for a person to be truly beautiful they needed to stand equally in their light AND their darkness! And so, with our skills as Coaches in hand, our path through the darkest parts of our lives behind us and a firm belief in what our message was ahead of us, we stepped in the direction of bringing Hug Your Chaos into the world.

  • Fun Facts:
  1. We met on Facebook (see, Social Media does have its perks) via a page Chris was running called Life Warrior. At a crucial time in Lindsay’s path, she left a comment on a post Chris had made. Without really knowing why Chris reached out with a private message which Lindsay responded to. Three months later, she was on her way to Australia and ended up living on his 34-foot sailing yacht with him for six months. That was 3 years ago and they haven’t been apart for a longer period than 2 weeks since.
  2. At one point in the early days of their relationship, Chris and Lindsay got into a massive argument which saw Chris throw some of Lindsay’s items off their boat into the ocean.
  3. Together, Lindsay and Chris have traveled more than 50,000 miles.
  • Company facts:

We hold space for only five new clients per month. We have worked with dozens of clients in both Life and Business Mastery since making the decision to bring our vision to life and taking the actions to lay the first brick.

We are both published authors and have just started a push to training and bringing on board our first paid Coach.

Although we have several programs, our flagship system is the Abundant Life Mastery™ Program. This three-month program is a complete life overhaul system and has a 100% success rate to date thanks to the fact that the program begins where the client is and builds from there in a sustainable three-fold manner:

We work entirely online and have built all of our systems, programs and supporting tools accordingly. We currently work with clients that are located all over the world, including the USA, Australia, the UK and Europe. Navigating time zones is our specialty.

  • Logo’s, Photos and branding:

   Who is behind hug your chaos  

For any additional photos, images or logo variations, please message us at info@hugyourchaos.com

  • The Team:

Christopher Jones – Credentialed Master Practitioner of Life Coaching, Accredited Heart Path Coach  & Life Excellence Guru.

From a very early age, Chris was discontent. He hated the world around him, and couldn’t make sense of it. Chris went into self-imposed exile, choosing his own growth and mind over the company of others including his family. His long-term battle against clinical depression raged constantly…

Lindsay Jones – Accredited Heart Path Coach, Life Empowerment Specialist & Life Excellence Guru

Lindsay carried an overwhelming fear of people all throughout her childhood. Her family never talked about emotions and life was like nails on a chalkboard. As many empaths do, she turned to drugs. It got pretty bad, pretty fast. This devolved into homelessness and a full-blown addiction…

Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

  • Press Samples:

All of our in-house articles are available here

Lindsay’s articles are often featured in Elephant Journal as well as on Sivana East and The Urban Howl.

Chris has articles featured in Good Men Project

  • Appearances:

We have a regular weekly appearance on local radio 97.1 Sweet FM (Lu-Lu & Wormie Breaky Show) in the Burdekin Shire, Australia.

  • Social Media:

Facebook –

Hug Your Chaos Page

Hug Your Chaos Group

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Twitter –

@hugyourchaos (Lindsay)

@thelifewarrior (Chris)

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  • The Future of Chaos:

We are in the throws of creating two new avenues of expressing the HYC message on the planet.

HYC Institute: The Hug Your Chaos Institute is a complete redesign of the Coaching Industry. We are all about stopping the damage being spread by “wounded healers”. Accordingly, the HYC Institute is a Coach Training Institute with a focus on conducting the individual healing and shadow work prior to embarking on the path of providing healing guidance to others.

HYC Foundation: 


To unify humanity through our collective shadow work as individuals, as a society, and as a race!

Mission Statement:

  • For the individualworking on the ground level with those that have been ‘left behind’ to demonstrate that as humans they are just as important as anyone else. Teaching people how to reconnect with themselves, each other, and the planet. 
  • For societyworking with shining a light on the ‘shadow elements’ of society to overcome isolation and separation. To embrace and integrate ALL aspects of the human race. Working with the shadow aspects of society for the greater good of the race.
  • For the planet; Creating cohesion and unity so humanity can start working together for the greatest good of the entire planet.

The idea behind the Hug Your Chaos Foundation is to create a platform where we undertake projects in connection with individuals, within society, for the planet. Some of the projects that we are in the process of launching include creating educational programs around ‘shadow work integration’ and confidence building for homeless individuals to address some of the core issues that contribute to the problem of homelessness.

The Hug Your Chaos Foundation will be there working at re-integration of these “shadows” of society.