The Chakras.
A Real-Life, No Bullsh*t Guide to Healing Your Life. 

If you’ve ever wanted to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your life, and why you do the things you do than look no further! Do you ever try to change a habit or behavior in your life, yet it keeps coming back like a bad weed?  Have you ever wished that you had a blueprint for yourself? Now you can! By coming to understand yourself in relationship to the seven major energy centers known as chakras, you will gain a deep insight to many things about yourself that previously may have had you scratching your head as to why you do them.  

Through intensive work with the chakras herself, Lindsay has an uncanny knack for delivering complex information in a relatable real-world way that has you slapping your head wondering why you didn’t see the links sooner.  The Chakras is perfect for anyone on their healing journey no matter if you’ve heard of a chakra or not. This book is the perfect ally for experienced chakra workers and beginners alike. Discover how the chakras affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually as Lindsay Carricarte-Jones takes us this fun ride into the energy body.  
Beginning with a wonderful introduction to the chakras and the practice of pranayama, each chapter then dives in to explore each of the seven main chakras and how they affect us individually and collectively. Discover how energy imbalances show up and what to do about them.  All this information is packed into a fun, easy, practical read that feels more like a chat with your best friend over coffee.  Yogis, Reiki healers, crystal healers, energy workers, massage therapists, and even doctors, this book is for you!


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You Are The Architect

What does it actually mean to be human?
This definitive guidebook for life is a blend of Ancient Wisdom with Modern Coaching Techniques, coupled to the map that was drawn in an epic journey of overcoming severe, clinical depression and anxiety naturally. It contains ALL of the secrets and life-hacks you could need to gain total Self-Mastery because it focuses on the one and only area where Self-Mastery can be found. (You still have to do the work though).

This book is the accumulation of years worth of searching, of the darkness encountered along the Path and the way it taught me to shine; coupled with the wisdom gained from working with our Abundant Life Mastery™ Program clients through our Coaching company, Hug Your Chaos.

It has been written specifically to be all about helping YOU find the answers within yourself to life’s most powerful and persistent questions.

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The Last Alchemist

The Last Alchemist follows the journey of a jaded seeker as he steps into a higher vibrational world. He is guided through this world and its mysteries by a series teachers that reveal to him the secrets of the ancient Alchemists and how this lost wisdom will help the human race in its time of greatest need.Get your copy of The Last Alchemist by C. Jon Sawyer (aka Christopher Jones) of Hug Your Chaos.If you are outside the U.S. and would like a copy of The Last Alchemist, you can order via email: chris@hugyourchaos.comAmazon – The Last Alchemist

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FracturedFractured shares the real-life personal journey of Lindsay Carricarte-Jones from inner chaos, disconnection, cancer, addiction, depression, and darkness to the realms of peace, forgiveness, self-love, empowerment, recovery, and healing. Beginning at birth Lindsay was a powerful empath and was unknowingly downloading everyone else’s emotions and energies. This led energy blocks which fueled the decades of frustration, depression, anxiety, and all-around discontent that drove her into the bowels of heroin addiction and a life on the run. Fractured will offer you a new perspective on the all too prevalent painful struggles of humanity by intimately sharing her battle with cancer, chronic pain, and drug addiction which are all now in remission/recovery. 


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