The Last Alchemist

The Last Alchemist follows the journey of a jaded seeker as he steps into a higher vibrational world. He is guided through this world and its mysteries by a series teachers that reveal to him the secrets of the ancient Alchemists and how this lost wisdom will help the human race in its time of greatest need.

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Fractured shares the real-life personal journey of Lindsay Carricarte-Jones from inner chaos, disconnection, cancer, addiction, depression, and darkness to the realms of peace, forgiveness, self-love, empowerment, recovery, and healing.

Beginning at birth Lindsay was a powerful empath and was unknowingly downloading everyone else’s emotions and energies. This led energy blocks which fueled the decades of frustration, depression, anxiety, and all-around discontent that drove her into the bowels of heroin addiction and a life on the run. Fractured will offer you a new perspective on the all too prevalent painful struggles of humanity by intimately sharing her battle with cancer, chronic pain, and drug addiction which are all now in remission/recovery.

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