The Hug Your Chaos Foundation is a current work in progress.

(Stay tuned for updates).

Our mandate thus far is as follows:


To unify humanity through our collective shadow work as individuals, as a society and as a race!


Mission Statement:

  • For the individual; working on the ground level with those that have been ‘left behind’ so as to demonstrate that they too are an important part of the race. Teaching people how to reconnect on an individual level to themselves, to each other and to the planet. Working with the shadow aspects of individuals within society for the greater good of the race.
  • For society; working with shining a light on the ‘shadow elements’ of society so as to overcome isolation and separation. To embrace and integrate ALL aspects of the human race. Reconnecting functional members of society with those that have been forgotten and left behind.
  • For the planet; Creating cohesion and unity within the human race so that we start truly working together as one for the greatest good of the entire planet.

The idea behind the Hug Your Chaos Foundation is to create a platform where we undertake projects of connection with individuals, within society, for the planet. Some of the projects that we are in the process of launching and undertaking include creating programs of ‘shadow work’ for homeless individuals so as to address some of the core issues that contribute to the problem.

Overall, in any instance where an aspect of the human race has been swept under the rug, forgotten or left behind, Hug Your Chaos Foundation will be there working at re-integration.