Welcome to the Hug Your Chaos Institute.

Welcome to a world of learning. 

A world where ancient secrets and wisdom meet modern life.
Our goal with the Hug Your Chaos Institute is to offer and provide REAL LIFE empowerment that enriches your day to day life.
When you’re ready to give up your limitations and live the life you were born to live, click the button below and come join us at the Institute!


Some of the courses we offer include:

Abundant Life Mastery™ Program:

Our Signature 90-Day Intensive Program. This is the course that changes lives!

Healing the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine:

The Path to Freedom through complete integration of Feminine and Masculine energies.

Master your Money Mindset:

Release, overcome and master the blocks that have you living in a state of lack.

Chakra Chaos:

This innovative online course will give you access to the perfect combination of self-awareness, ancient wisdom, and modern knowledge of your personal energy system.

Design Your Chaos:

COMING SOON! Up until this point, you have had a constant “Not Quite Right” feeling sitting in your chest. Sure, you may have the relationship, the children, the house, the cars, the boat… But life still doesn’t seem all that fulfilling to you. Something is missing, and you don’t know what. Enter A Life By Design. This 8-week system WILL show you what’s most important in your life, and more importantly, HOW to connect to it in order to achieve the most beautifully empowered life you’ve ever dreamed possible.

HYC Accredited Life Excellence & Coaching Training:

We saw a gaping hole in the current coaching industry. A hole, perpetuated by “wounded healers” that are spreading damage and dis-ease… We decided that it was our responsibility to do something about it. We’re not interested in repairing the damage. We’re going to burn down and rebuild the entire industry. Who’s ready to be on the sharp end of redefining coaching?